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Published on December 18, 2013

The Bizarre Concept of Too Much Exercise

Exercise is good. We all know that. Working out can help you lose weight, lower your risk of chronic health conditions, and even improve your mental health.

However, you should know that it’s possible to get too much physical activity. Really.

A new study by Columbia University has discovered a link between excess exercise and depression, anxiety and a weakened immune system. After analyzing surveys from over 7,500 adults, researchers discovered that those who exercised two to four hours a week reaped the most health benefits. However once they surpassed that number, the perks began to decline. Among those who engaged in over four hours of physical activity, 65 percent were in poorer mental health. Those who exercised over 7 ½  hours were negatively impacted the most, as symptoms of depression and anxiety spiked.

Exercise can include a wide range of activities, from running to weight lifting to gardening. Finding one that you love and gets you moving will make it easier to keep up with on a frequent basis. But in order to gain the most benefits from your routine, you’ll have to maintain balance and be consistent.

But before you get started, be sure talk to your doctor about what activities are best for you and how you can set up reasonable goals.

“Unfortunately most people believe that if you exercise more, then it is better. But without qualified professional support, people may continue to over exercise. The Healthplex® Spots Club has an entire staff of professionally certified and college degreed Personal Trainers that can assess your exercise level and provide you with valuable feedback to insure you are spending your work out time safely, efficiently and effectively,” says Healthplex General Manager Dennis Mathias.

For more information about the Healthplex® Sport Club, call 610-328-8888 or visit

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