FAQ about the New Announcement of the Philadelphia-Area Healthcare Initiative Adding Crozer-Keystone Health System - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees and Physicians.

Does this announcement mean that we are being acquired or purchased, or that we are acquiring these health systems?

No. It is an alliance. We are joining in an alliance with these three health systems (Aria, Einstein and Abington) because we share the same goal of better coordination of the care and service we deliver to our patients.

Through this alliance, we will work to build a robust population health infrastructure that will include a large group of people, starting with our own employees and their dependents and then members of the community. The alliance will be able to provide resources and services to larger groups of people than we might be able to serve individually and do it in the most highly coordinated, cost-efficient manner possible.

We will also work with our alliance partners to achieve economies of scale that will allow us to lower costs, such as working together on supply and service contracts.

This new initiative is the result of significant dialogue between our leaders about the best way to respond to the challenges of healthcare reform while remaining independent.

What does this mean for my benefits?

It is true that the initial work of the four health systems will be to jointly manage the self-funded health benefit plans of the alliance’s employees and their families. We will move toward implementing some elements of a common benefits platform with the other health systems in the alliance. This will allow our employees who live near one of the other health systems in the alliance to use their physicians and hospitals. A timeline has not been set for Crozer-Keystone to make this change. We will share more information about this in the future.

What does it mean for me as an employee?

Nothing changes for you as a result of this alliance at this point. We will continue to update you on our progress and activities that may impact you in the future.

Why is this good for Crozer-Keystone?

The new alliance is a key first step in modeling the future of healthcare delivery with its focus on “population health management” and offering coordinated, efficient, high-quality care among hospitals, physicians and others across a broad region.

We believe this collaboration will allow us to provide resources and services to larger groups of people than we might be able to serve individually and do it in the most highly coordinated, cost-efficient manner possible.

Representatives from our health system will join the work groups with the other three health systems to collaborate on business planning as well as the human resources and technological infrastructure. We will be engaging our physicians and others as the alliance matures.

We are pleased to be part of a group of forward-thinking health systems committed to bringing excellence to our patients, and are excited about the opportunity to work collaboratively to ensure high-quality, efficient care and increased access for the communities we serve.

Are other health systems doing this?

Yes. Our work on this alliance reflects similar efforts occurring across the country. Since the initial announcement in July, several other partnerships of this type have been announced – in Georgia, Maryland and one spanning New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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