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Published on April 26, 2012

Smedley Center Announces New Programming: Triple E

The Smedley Wellness Center is proud to announce the start of Triple E: Eat, Exercise, Enjoy. This pilot program is working with 10 girls, ages 11 to 18, who are struggling with weight management. The program was designed to help Chester youths who are patients of the Smedley Wellness Center and Crozer Pediatrics practice develop healthy attitudes toward the media, nutrition and exercise that will last throughout their lifetime.

According to Pareen Shah, M.D., a physician in Crozer-Keystone’s Pediatric Residency Program, “The goal of the program is to help kids who are in danger of medical complications due to their weight. To do this we need to reinvent what it means to be healthy. We want to make it fun to diet and exercise and remove the stigmas attached to those words.”    

The program incorporates curriculum from Media Smart: Eat, Think, and Be Active, which was published by the National Institute of Child Heath and Human Development. The students will participate in a weekly 60-minute session for 10 weeks. In these meetings, the girls learn about healthy eating habits, practice different ways of exercising, and explore the many ways media affects their perception of food, exercise and self-image.

The program is led by Meghan Blackman, clinical director of the Smedley Wellness Center. The Center is also working with Jennifer Patterson, CRNP, student services coordinator of the Doctor of Nurse Practice Program at Widener University. Also joining the team are Shah and Amit Thakral, M.D., MBA, both members of Crozer-Keystone’s Pediatric Residency Program.

With the help of other community members, the youths will learn how to make healthy meals and snacks. They will sit through lessons learning things like the importance of reading a label and knowing what a serving size is. Each session will also incorporate an exercise ranging from Zumba to basketball and yoga. All of these things will be taught so the students can use the resources in their community and incorporate what they have learned into their everyday lives.

The directors and staff will be offering the program to boys next and eventually allowing all students who are struggling with their weight to join in the fun. If you would like to learn more about the program, contact Blackman at (610) 490-1755.

The Smedley Wellness Center is a school-based health center established in 1995 through a partnership between Crozer-Keystone Health System and the Chester Upland School District. The Crozer Wellness Center provides primary care and other health services to children and teens living in and around the City of Chester.

The Crozer Pediatric Residency is a three-year program with six residents per year of training. Our mission is to give residents a strong foundation in pediatrics on which they can build a career in primary care or in a pediatric subspecialty. The program includes experiences at Crozer-Chester Medical and its surrounding community, and at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). For more information, visit

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