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Published on May 24, 2012

The “Biggest Winner” Weight Loss Challenge is the First Stop on the Road to Wellness

In Brief

  • The “Biggest Winner” weight loss challenge began on May 21 and ends on July 13.
  • Participants are encouraged to report weight lost through pursing a healthy, low calorie diet and increasing activity time and/or intensity in order to burn calories.
  • “Biggest Winner” is the first of a series of employee wellness initiatives that will be offered during the 2012 Wellness Works “Road to Wellness” campaign. Look for additional events this fall.

For the second year in a row, Wellness Works is making it easy for you, your spouse and your co-workers to have some fun, focus on a healthy lifestyle and lose a few extra pounds for summer through the “Biggest Winner” weight loss challenge. Similar to the popular NBC television program, Wellness Works members are forming teams and supporting each other in a healthy eight-week journey, the first stop on Wellness Works’ 2012 “Road to Wellness” campaign.

The “Biggest Winner” weight loss challenge began on May 21 and ends on July 13.  Teams of up to 10 co-workers and/or spouses signed up to take the challenge and selected creative team names. Team members provide their weight to their team captain biweekly throughout the contest. Team captains periodically report the team’s total weight (via e-mail) and share weekly motivational e-mails with their group. This year, the e-mails will also include optional healthy activities for teams to do. Activities may include drinking more water, creating a food log to track what you eat, and other similar health-focused actions.

Participants are encouraged to report weight lost through pursing a healthy, low-calorie diet and increasing activity time and/or intensity in order to burn calories. To encourage friendly competition throughout the contest, bi-weekly team rankings are shared via e-mail. Weight loss is determined based on the greatest percent of total weight loss over the eight-week period, as reported by each team captain.

Wellness Works members who participate during the entire eight-week program will earn Healthy Lifestyle Tracker points - in addition to losing weight and developing or maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  This year, in addition to rewarding members of the top two teams that lose the greatest percent of total weight, the top ten individuals who lose the greatest percent of weight will also receive a reward.  This change was made based on participant feedback received in the 2011 “Biggest Winner” end of program survey.

William Kreider, vice president of Human Resources for Crozer-Keystone, appreciates the effort that employees put into the 2011 “Biggest Winner” and expects another great event this year. He’s also proud to announce that Wellness Works is planning new initiatives to help keep employees healthy.

“The 600 employees who participated in last year’s “Biggest Winner” contest showed their commitment to improving their health by losing over 4,100 pounds. Crozer-Keystone applauds their effort and will continue to assist and support our employees as they strive to maintain or pursue a healthy lifestyle,” Kreider says. “Later this year, Wellness Works will introduce a variety of new wellness initiatives as part of the 2012 “Road to Wellness” campaign. In addition to continuing the Healthy Lifestyle Tracker and Healthy Rewards, there are plans to offer a free, online health assessment questionnaire and interested employees may also take advantage of conveniently scheduled biometric screenings. Both the online questionnaire and the screenings will be administered by an independent company, in order to ensue complete confidentiality.”

Kreider adds, “A biometric screening is a quick, private health examination that includes three components – blood work, blood pressure and body mass index.  Members are encouraged to share the results from these screening tools with their physicians in order to better understand any health risks and take action to maintain or improve their overall health.  Look for additional information about these new programs in your home mail box starting later this summer.”

Wellness Works has high expectations for “Biggest Winner,” which is being offered again due to popular demand - 94 percent of 2011 participants who responded to a survey at the end of the program said they would participate if the Biggest Winner challenge was offered again in 2012. Over 86 percent of survey participants also reported that “Biggest Winner” made a positive impact on their overall health.

Rosemary Mitchell, team captain for Denise’s Divas, the first place team that lost 151 pounds (9.4 percent of the team’s total weight) in last year’s challenge, shared her thoughts on the Diva’s success. “The weight loss challenge was fun to do at work.  It was great having a watchful eye from other members of the team to help each other to make the right food choices. We never dreamed we would accomplish what we did.”

This program supports the mission and goals of Wellness Works, which helps Crozer-Keystone employees, achieve a healthy lifestyle through health promotion and disease prevention. For more information about Wellness Works, contact Susan Winkles at (610) 595-6387 or 19-6397.

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