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Crozer Psychotherapy Services Expands Services

In Brief

  • Crozer Psychotherapy Services, Delaware County’s largest staff of board-certified psychiatrists, continues to grow and expand its offerings.
  • New offerings include:
    • A psychosomatic program
    • A tele-psychiatry program.
    • An expanded perinatal mental health program.
    • A new office at the Crozer Medical Plaza and Crozer-Keystone Regional Cancer Center at Brinton Lake.

Crozer Psychotherapy Services, Delaware County’s largest staff of board-certified psychiatrists, continues to grow and expand its offerings.  

Most recently, the practice has introduced a psychosomatic medicine program; has developed a tele-psychiatry program; and has expanded the perinatal mental health program that it introduced last year. In addition, the practice will begin seeing patients at the new Crozer Medical Plaza and Crozer-Keystone Cancer Center at Brinton Lake in January.  

About Psychotherapy Services

Crozer Psychotherapy Services provides quality treatment and a supportive style of care – quiet, nurturing and completely confidential. The practice’s psychiatrists work with their patients to find a solution and help them feel at ease. The physicians are trained to deliver comprehensive physical and emotional diagnosis and treatments for a range of issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Phase-of-life issues
  • Personality disorders
  • Pain management
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Psychological disorders in the physically ill patient
  • Other mood disorders. 

The practice has added eight physicians since June 2011. Kevin P. Caputo, M.D., president of Community Hospital and chairman of Psychiatry at Crozer-Chester Medical Center and Taylor Hospital, says, “We have an excellent and very qualified staff, which is why we are able to provide such great care to our patients. There are a lot of stars in this group who are going to help us expand our services and better our already exceptional patient care.”  

Psychosomatic Medicine

Abdulbari Farooqi, M.D., director of Psychosomatic Medicine, is working with colleagues Josephine Mokonogho, M.D., and Laura White, M.D., to offer Psychosomatic Medicine.  

Psychosomatic Medicine is the subspecialization in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders and symptoms in patients who have complex medical conditions. This subspecialty includes treatment of patients with acute or chronic medical, neurological, obstetrical or surgical illnesses in which psychiatric illness is affecting their medical care and/or quality of life. 

The physicians collaborate to help patients gain a healthy mind and to live in a healthy environment as they work to recover from their physical conditions.  

“Doctors Farooqi, Mokonogho and White deserve to be recognized for the amount of time and effort that they put into this program. It goes to show how much they care about their patients’ health and well-being. Their hard work and dedication will take them a long way in this field,” Caputo says. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (610) 874-5257. 


Crozer Psychotherapy Services also recently started offering tele-psychiatry services to individuals living in underserved, rural areas throughout Pennsylva0nia.  

Using computers equipped with webcams and videoconferencing software, Crozer psychiatrists provide counseling to adult patients who live in remote locations. The appointments are arranged through a third-party vendor who specializes in tele-psychiatry.

Caputo says that tele-psychiatry has proven to be effective for many different populations, but studies have shown adults respond equally well to in-person and online treatment.

“We’re excited about the development of this program, and we can’t wait to observe the positive effects that it brings to our patients. We hope to expand this program to children and other underserved populations soon.” Caputo says.

To schedule an appointment, call (610) 874-5257. 

Brinton Lake

Crozer Psychotherapy Services will soon begin seeing patients at the Crozer Medical Plaza and Crozer-Keystone Regional Cancer Center at Brinton Lake in Glen Mills. The new facility is located at 500 Evergreen Drive, next to the original Crozer Medical Plaza at Brinton Lake. The two buildings are connected by a covered walkway. 

Caputo will see patients at the new facility along with his new colleague Khwaja T. Tariq, M.D. and two medical licensed clinical social workers. Access to care will be markedly improved with the compliment of highly trained professionals. 

 “Seeing patients in the new facility will allow the physicians of Crozer-Keystone Psychotherapy Services to reach out to a new market by providing a convenient location to our western Delaware County patients,” Caputo says.

To schedule an appointment, call (610) 874-5257. 

Perinatal Mental Health Program

The Perinatal Mental Health Program was introduced in late 2010, and exists on two campuses; Community Hospital and Crozer-Chester Medical Center. 

Sarah Falgowski, M.D. heads the Perinatal Health Program at Community Hospital. This program provides psychiatric evaluation, medication management, psychotherapy and case management for expectant women over 16. Patients receive individualized, culturally sensitive care provided by an experienced team made up of psychiatrists, case managers, and licensed clinicians including therapists, social workers, psychologists and professional counselors.  

Perinatal specialists accepting patients at Crozer-Chester Medical Center include Jane Summers, M.D., Emily Bernstein, M.D., Deanna Pepe, D.O. and Lori Goldstein, M.D. Women who should seek treatment for this program include those who have pre-existing psychiatric illnesses and who are planning a pregnancy; are currently pregnant and seeking treatment for a psychiatric illness; have given birth in the last year and suffer from postpartum depression; or have experienced a miscarriage or the death of an infant within the last year. 

For an appointment or for more information, call (610) 497-7700. Patients should ask for a perinatal service appointment. The program is not limited to patients who have had a baby at Crozer-Chester Medical Center or Delaware County Memorial Hospital.

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