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U.S. News and World Reports Recognizes Crozer-Keystone Departments for ‘High Performance’

In Brief

  • U.S. News & World Reports recognized Crozer-Chester Medical Center and Delaware County Memorial Hospital for “high performance” in several fields.
  • Crozer was honored for high performance in Geriatrics and Urology.
  • DCMH was honored for high performance in Otolaryngology and Orthopedics.
  •  Both hospitals were also ranked 14th in the greater Philadelphia area.

In an article available on newsstands and online at, U.S. News & World Reports recognized Crozer-Chester Medical Center and Delaware County Memorial Hospital for “high performance” in several fields. 

Crozer-Chester Medical Center was honored for high performance in Geriatrics and Urology, while Delaware County Memorial Hospital was honored for high performance in Otolaryngology and Orthopedics. Both hospitals were also ranked 14th in the greater Philadelphia area. 

Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s Geriatrics Division, led William Zirker M.D, M.P.H., has created a different model of geriatric hospital care. Zirker and his team strive to be the premier Geriatrics division in the region while focusing on maintaining independence and high-quality care for all elderly patients. Geriatric services include specialized geriatric primary care, consultation through the Geriatric Evaluation and Management Program, coordination with geriatric psychiatry as well as managing patients through assessment, primary care and inpatient hospital care at Crozer’s inpatient ACE unit (Acute Care of Elders), assisted living and nursing facilities.  

“We are very pleased and flattered to be recognized this way,” Zirker says. 

Zirker, who also serves as program director of the Temple University Geriatrics Medicine fellowship, attributes this success to being regionally recognizable as well as by creating great relationships with assisted living and nursing home facilities, which provides an excellent continuum of care. Zirker also attributes Crozer’s success to a staff of six fellowship-trained geriatricians, who not only practice but are also core faculty in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. Zirker believes that in the future the Geriatrics Division will continue its fellowship program, garner even closer working relationships with hospitals and nursing homes, and expand both its Geriatric fractures program and its consultative primary care services. 

The Urology department at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, led by Frank D’Elia M.D., division chief, provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the urinary tract in females as well as the urinary tract and reproductive organs in males. Common urologic conditions affecting men and women include kidney stones, bladder infections, incontinence and various types of urologic cancers. Urologists also treat conditions in the male reproductive system including male erectile dysfunction, male infertility and prostate cancer. 

As the leading provider of cancer treatment in Delaware County, Crozer-Keystone offers advanced treatment options for prostate cancer patients. These options include minimally invasive surgery using the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, which offers substantial benefits for patients in both outcomes and recovery time. Crozer also holds the distinction of being one of the first five hospitals on the east cost to perform surgical cryoablation, which is the process of using extreme cold to remove harmful tissue in the kidney and adrenal gland. 

D’Elia attributes this success and recognition to treating patients like family, identifying and assigning specific patient needs to the appropriate physician, and holding group meetings each week to discuss difficult cases. “We’re a state-of-the-art facility. Crozer has six urologists, three of whom are fellowship-trained in urologic oncology, robotics or endourology, who have been recognized as ‘top doctors’ by other publications,” D’Elia says. 

D’Elia adds that this honor came as no surprise to him, as the Urology department has provided top-quality care for many years. D’Elia looks forward to the expansion of this practice to the Crozer Medical Plaza at Brinton Lake and Crozer-Keystone Cancer Center in Glen Mills. 

The Section of Otolaryngology at Delaware County Memorial Hospital, led by Marc Surkin M.D., provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for diseases and disorders that affect the ear, nose and throat, as well as the respiratory system and related structures of the head and neck. In addition, the Audiology department at DCMH offers hearing services, including basic comprehensive hearing evaluations for people of all ages, hearing aid fittings and dispensing, tinnitus testing and management, ENG and evoked potential testing for dizziness, and newborn hearing testing. 

Orthopedics services at Delaware County Memorial Hospital include joint replacement, spine, sports medicine, foot, ankle and orthopedic rehabilitation. Since partnering with Premier Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Associates, DCMH has expanded its services to include anterior hip replacement, custom-knee and gender-knee replacement and specialized sports medicine services. 

“I am very proud of this achievement. The orthopedic surgeons at DCMH have been on the cutting edge of so many musculoskeletal innovations, including arthroscopic surgery, joint preservation, joint replacement and spinal surgery,” says Nicholas DiNubile M.D., chief of the Section of Orthopedic Surgery at DCMH. “We’ve been very good for a long time at recruiting fellowship-trained doctors with various musculoskeletal subspecialties.” 

DiNubile, who was also selected by U.S. News & World Reports as one of the nation’s top doctors in orthopedic surgery, also believes this success is due to providing high-quality personal care to each patient, and properly educating and communicating with patients along with setting the right expectations. DiNubile believes that the DCMH Section of Orthopedic Surgery will continue with this philosophy of providing top-quality personalized care along with advanced information and technology.

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