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Published on October 25, 2011

The Wellness Works Program: Are You Using It to Your Best Advantage?

Wellness Works, Crozer-Keystone’s employee wellness program, was introduced in 1999 to bring Crozer-Keystone’s mission statement to life. CKHS is committed to the improvement of the health and wellness of those the health system serves. Additionally, it is important to work with our employees and the community to build a healthy place to live and work for everyone.

Wellness Works helps employees and spouses to focus on healthy habits through a variety of programs. For example, from May 2 to June 24, over 500 employees and spouses on more than 70 teams took charge of their health by participating in the “Biggest Winner” eight-week weight loss challenge. Motivated teams such as the A.P. Divas, Calorie Cutters, Deflab Rehab, Jazzy Jams, Light Weights, Mission Slimpossible, Skinny ER, Thin It to Win It and Wii Getting Fit practiced healthy eating habits and increased their activity to claim team prizes - in addition to a thinner, healthier body – by July 4. Check an upcoming issue of The Journal for a complete “Biggest Winner” recap.

One of the most popular features of Wellness Works is the Healthy Lifestyle Tracker. The Tracker allows members to track their healthy habits, such as exercising regularly and participating in special health-related programs offered by Wellness Works. These programs include “lunch and learn” lectures; convenient lunchtime mammogram appointments; free flu shots; and unique annual programs, such as the “Biggest Winner” challenge. Point values are assigned to each of these activities. If employees meet certain point totals by the specified deadline, they are rewarded with such prizes as movie gift cards and American Express gift cheques. Wellness Works members can access the easy-to-use online Tracker on the “My Wellness” page of

“I have been the site coordinator at DCMH for several years. Our Wellness Works Program is such a great asset to our employees. It is informative, beneficial for everyone and very easy to use. I love spreading the word about our yearly Tracker and how easy it really is to earn enough points to receive and American Express Gift Cheque,” says Debbie Simon, site champion at Delaware County Memorial Hospital.

Employees who are enrolled in a Crozer-Keystone Choices medical plan have access to a wide range of preventive screenings covered under the medical plans that have little or no out-of-pocket cost. “The Wellness Works program demonstrates CKHS’ commitment to the health and well being of its employees. Not only does Crozer-Keystone provide generous coverage for many routine screenings in our medical plans, Wellness Works provides great programming to help educate and encourage healthy living, and then it also rewards us for doing the things we should to stay healthy,” says Janet Kalup, site champion for Springfield Hospital.

Wellness Works encourages all employees to take responsibility for improving their overall health and well-being. “As a wellness champion, spreading the news to fellow employees about becoming a Wellness Works member helps to reinforce the need for basic preventive care. Many times, we become so busy with our everyday lives that we fail to take care of ourselves. The Wellness Works Healthy Lifestyle Tracker not only reminds us of healthy activities we should be doing, but also rewards the participant for taking charge of their health,” says Sandra Puka, site champion for Crozer.

Currently, more than 3,800 employees and spouses are Wellness Works members. The easiest way to become a Wellness Works member is to log on to and print out a Membership Form from the “My Wellness” page, complete it, and send it to Employee Benefit Services. A free membership to the wellness program is available to all employees and their spouses.

For more information about becoming a member or accessing your online Healthy Lifestyle Tracker, contact your site champion:



Phone Number



Joseph Simpkins

(610) 497-7315 or 14-7315


Sandra Puka

(610) 490-7983 or 15-7983


Debbie Simon

(610) 284-8158 or 12-8158


Bob Freas

(610) 328- 2566


Janet Kalup

(610) 328-8825 or 16-8825


Mark Prodoehl

(610) 595-6052 or 19-6052

This program supports the mission and goals of Wellness Works, which helps Crozer-Keystone employees achieve a healthy lifestyle through health promotion and disease prevention. For more information contact Susan Winkles at (610) 595-6387 or 19-6387.

Carebridge Services are Available When You Need Them

Sometimes you need more than the love and support of your family to help you through a tough situation. That’s where Carebridge, Crozer-Keystone’s employee assistance provider, can help. If you’re dealing with any type of emotional, mental or physical situation -anything from the death of a loved one to help with child care – Carebridge’s trained counselors can help. Call 1-800-437-0911 for free, confidential assistance, or visit the Carebridge website via the “Wellness Works” page of


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