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At Taylor, Celebrating 100 Years is ‘All in the Family’

Descendents of the founder of Taylor Hospital, Horace Furness Taylor, M.D., include, left to right, Steve, Maeve, Lily and John Taylor.

In Brief

  • Two members of Horace Furness Taylor, M.D.’s family — John and Lily Taylor — are helping the hospital to celebrate its 100th anniversary.
  • Lily is studying to be a physician’s assistant, and John (her uncle) is an accomplished helicopter pilot.
  • The Taylors have donated photos, memorabilia and documents from their personal collection to the hospital.
  • For more information about services available at Taylor, visit, click on “Hospitals/Facilities,” then “Taylor.”

When Lily Taylor was a little girl, her mother — a registered nurse — used to tell her that one day she would be a doctor.

Taylor — a great-granddaughter of Horace Furness Taylor, M.D., who founded Taylor Hospital in 1910 — is currently studying to be a physician’s assistant at a local university. “I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field,” she says. “No one else in our family has gone down the ‘medical career’ path. It has literally been a dream come true for me.”

Especially proud are Lily’s parents, Steve and Hollis Taylor. Steve is considered the family historian, and has taken a keen interest in Dr. Taylor’s life. Steve, Lily, and Steve’s brother John recently found out that Dr. Taylor had a brother, John Wyeth Taylor, who died very young — presumably as a child. Steve has uncovered photos, letters and valuable documents relating to the family’s history.

As Taylor Hospital continues to celebrate its 100th anniversary, staff and administrators are excited that members of the Taylor family are able to be so closely involved. “We have been collecting historical items, information and stories from our staff and community,” says Judy Lieberman, director of Volunteer Services at Taylor and chair of the 100th Anniversary Memorabilia Committee. “John Taylor had been in touch with us over the years, asking if he could donate some family memorabilia. We were fortunate enough to have him donate Dr. Taylor’s bible, some antique medical equipment and photos — some of which are now on display in the hospital’s main lobby. When we formed the Memorabilia Committee, John was a natural fit, and he was thrilled to participate.”

Lily Taylor is volunteering her time as well. She spent her summer at the hospital as a volunteer. Her responsibilities included supervising the summer Youth Corps Program and shadowing two physician’s assistants — Kelly Byrne-Forster and Carrie Jacovini — in the Fast Track area of the Emergency Department. “I’m getting to do blood pressure measurements, comfort children as they get stitches, and observe the care of lacerations and broken bones,” she says. She will continue her work at the hospital through the fall semester.

Lily’s dream is to volunteer at an orphanage in Africa for one year after she earns her bachelor’s degree. Then, she will return to the states to pursue her master’s degree in Physician’s Assistant Studies — specializing in pediatrics. Not a surprising move, coming from someone whose family provided a loving home to foster children for many years, including Lily’s five-year-old adopted sister, Maeve. “We love children, and it was our way of giving back,” she says.

Dr. Taylor’s surviving son, Horace Furness Taylor Jr., had six children — Horace III (“Skip”), Susan, Beth, John, Steve and Ann. Like his father, Horace Jr. had a relative (in his case, a son) who passed away as a child.

John Taylor comments that his father was on the hospital’s Board of Directors. “I, too, wanted to be involved with the hospital,” he says. “I remember playing on the front porch of the house that was the original hospital, and remember visiting my grandmother [Katherine Manly Taylor, R.N.] there.”

What impresses him most about his newfound Taylor Hospital family is not only their commitment to patients, but to the community as well. “I am impressed by the folks who do outreach to help our community as well as educate young people,” he says. John is retired from the National Guard, where he served as a helicopter pilot, and continues to stay involved in flying as a manager at the Brandywine Airport in West Chester.

Both John and Lily Taylor say that the entire Taylor family is overwhelmed by the contributions that the hospital has made in its community over the last 100 years. “We are very appreciative, and want to continue to be actively involved,” John says. “Taylor is not just my family’s hospital — it’s everyone’s,” Lily adds. “The employees, doctors, volunteers and community. This hospital is such a big part of their lives. My great-grandfather wanted this.”

For more information about services available at Taylor, visit, click on “Hospitals/Facilities,” then “Taylor.”

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