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Inside the Hospitals of Taylor’s Early Days

In celebration of Taylor Hospital’s centennial, we’re looking back at the turn of the century and the beginnings of modern medicine that were just taking hold in Taylor’s earliest days. A survey conducted in 1910 reveals that most major metropolitan hospitals had between 200 and 500 beds for patients. The doctor-to-patient ratio was anywhere between 1:13 to 1:182, while the nurse-to-patient ratio ranged from 2:1 to 1:80. Hospital and nursing superintendents, the highest paid staff, received an annual salary of anywhere between $2,000 and $7,200 a year, while pathologists and bacteriologists—the only physicians paid by most hospitals — earned $3,000 a year. Hospitals reported that by far their biggest administrative cost was transport — ambulance horses, it seems, were quite expensive.

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