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Judith Carter Wins Wellness Works’ Healthy Lifestyle Champion Essay Contest

In addition to the many physical and mental rewards of adopting a healthy lifestyle, Crozer-Keystone employees who participated in Wellness Works’ Healthy Lifestyle Champion essay contest were given the opportunity to win something more: a $100 American Express gift cheque.

The contest was the culmination of the Wellness Works’ year-long celebration of 10 years of providing healthy living programs to Crozer-Keystone employees. 

The essay contest invited Wellness Works members who participate in the Healthy Lifestyle tracker incentive to write 200 words or less about living a healthy lifestyle and their accomplishments. Employees wrote about their success in quitting smoking, losing weight, developing healthy eating habits and even getting routine preventive screenings.

Out of all of the entries, Judith Carter, Human Resource assistant at Taylor Hospital, was named Crozer-Keystone’s 2009 Healthy Lifestyle Champion. In addition to tracking her healthy habits over the years, her ultimate goal was to participate in a half marathon. Thanks to her dedication, she was able to complete this goal.

“I was excited to compete in the marathon and finish. It is gratifying to accomplish the goal I set for myself. When you are in the moment of living a healthy lifestyle and working to lose weight, you never expect others to notice or give your acclamation for your success. It was an honor to be named the Healthy Lifestyle Champion and I will continue to work hard maintaining my healthy lifestyle,” Carter says.

Carter’s winning essay:

“Congratulations Wellness Works for 10 years of motivation. I am a seven-year employee and in past years have merely taken advantage of the Wellness Tracker, being sure to get all of my yearly preventive screenings. But this year, I decided to kick it up a notch. Instead of dieting, I completely changed my eating habits. I eat a large well-balanced healthy breakfast every morning, like oatmeal, tofu and even beans, which provide lots of protein and fiber to keep you fuller longer. Then a large pre-measured lunch, and finally a small light dinner. Now, I always watch my portion size.

I also incorporated exercise into my healthy lifestyle change, getting up a bit earlier in the mornings to workout. Trying almost every kind of exercise from belly dancing to bicycling, I found I enjoy just plain old walking. So far this year, I have lost over 50 pounds and participated in 3.5 kilometer race. My recent challenge is one I am most proud of; I participated in a half marathon, 13.1 miles. I was able to run, walk, run, walk, finishing in three hours and 22 minutes. I did not come in first place, but with all of my healthy lifestyle changes, I still feel like a winner!

“Judith should be very proud of her accomplishments. The Wellness Works program is a very successful program and it is very easy to follow the Healthy Lifestyle Tracker. We actively support our employees, retirees and their families striving to achieve a healthy lifestyle,” says Eugene Zegar, vice president of Human Resources.

Carter’s success story is one of many entries that the Wellness Works Committee received from Wellness Works members who have been able to earn Healthy Lifestyle Incentives or simply gain health benefits as a participant in the program. Each member of Wellness Works and his or her spouse is given a Healthy Lifestyle Tracker, which allows the employee and spouse to earn points for each health-related activity he or she completes — everything from having a yearly check-up to attending health fairs and working out at the gym.

It’s not too late to sign up for 2010. Joining Wellness Works is easy. Membership is free for employees and spouses and it only takes a few minutes to register. From the intranet, go to the benefits page and print out the membership from, fill it out and then fax or inter-office mail it to the Employees Benefit Services Department at Taylor.

This program supports the mission and goals of Wellness Works, which helps Crozer-Keystone employees, achieve a healthy lifestyle through health promotion and disease prevention. Employees who participate in these programs may be eligible to receive credit on their Healthy Lifestyle Tracker. For more information about Wellness Works, contact Susan Winkles at (610) 595-6387 or 19-6387.

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