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Wellness Works Members Can Now Track their 2010 Healthy Habits Online

Wellness Works has gone green. The program is protecting the environment and streamlining the Healthy Lifestyle Tracker reward process by going paper-free.

It is now easier for Wellness Works members to complete their 2010 Healthy Lifestyle Tracker online throughout the year. Members can access their personalized tracker 24 hours a day at Members can view, update, and save their information as many times as they want through Jan. 15, 2011, when the 2010 tracker is due. The last saved version of the tracker will automatically be submitted to Employee Benefit Services for review and approval. Employee Benefit Services will mail Healthy Rewards to eligible members’ homes in the spring.

Overall, the 2010 tracker content and rewards have not changed. Members earn various point values for their healthy habits - participating in a wide variety of wellness-related events, having recommended preventive health screenings, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle - and then cash in for an annual reward, which varies, based on their total points earned. Rewards range from a T-shirt, an AMC movie theater gift card, gift cards of various denominations for the Healthplex® Sports Club, cafeteria vouchers to pay for meals, and the most coveted reward, a $100 American Express gift cheque. 

“We’re pleased introduce the automated Healthy Lifestyle Tracker in order to encourage employees to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Several Wellness Works members were looking for a way to record their healthy habits online,” says Gene Zegar, vice president for Human Resources. “So we’re glad to respond to their request. The online tracker simplifies the completion process for our 3,900 employees and their spouses who are Wellness Works members, and it streamlines processes for Employee Benefit Services. While the new online tracker includes a variety of online verification processes, Employee Benefit Services will continue to review members’ trackers for accuracy before issuing their Healthy Rewards next spring.”

In addition to requiring that benefit-eligible members complete and submit their tracker online, there are several important changes to the 2010 tracker:

  • It is easier to complete. The online tracker automatically calculates your total points earned and has special automated messages to help you complete your form.
  • There are separate employee and spouse versions of the tracker. Spouses are no longer able to earn points for certain actions, such as not using sick days.
  • The last saved version of your tracker is automatically submitted to Employee Benefit Services at 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 15. You do not have to do anything once you enter your information online and save it. 

All benefit-eligible employees and their spouses who are Wellness Works members must complete an online tracker in order to earn a Healthy Reward for 2010. Non-benefit eligible employees who are Wellness Works members are the only members who may complete a paper version of the 2010 Healthy Lifestyle Tracker.

Wellness Works members who are not benefit eligible will print out a copy of the 2010 tracker via the “My Wellness” page of and then submit the paper document to Employee Benefit Services by the Jan. 15 deadline.

Accessing Your Healthy Lifestyle Tracker Online

It’s easy for members to access their new 2010 online Wellness Works Healthy Lifestyle Tracker:

  • Log in to
  • Key in your employee number and unique PIN to access the employee and spouse version of the Tracker. Do not share your employee number and PIN; it provides access to your benefit elections and other confidential information via the online options listed on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on “Log On”
  • Click on “Healthy Lifestyle Tracker,” which is the last option on the right column. This link only appears if you/your spouse were members on or before September 30, 2010.
  • Select “2010 Program Year” and then “Employee” or “Spouse” Tracker

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