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Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Crozer-Keystone Family Medicine Residency Program

William Warning, M.D.

William J. Warning, MD

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Crozer-Keystone’s Family Medicine Residency. We are proud of our well-earned national reputation for innovation, leadership and teaching methods - especially for our sophisticated Medical Informatics and Primary Care Sports Medicine programs.

The Crozer-Keystone Health System

Our Family Medicine Residency has access to all of the resources of the Crozer-Keystone Health System, including tertiary and community hospitals, a primary-care physician network, and comprehensive community outreach and wellness health programs.

Exceptional Residents

Our most important attribute is our exceptional group of residents, who are committed to their own professional development through our competency-based curriculum and flexible elective system. Our residents have consistently demonstrated impressive teamwork and collaborative problem solving to enhance every aspect of our program. In this way, they are truly partners with the faculty in reviewing, revising, and shaping our program to keep it relevant, practical, and successful. The relationship of the residents with our Crozer “family” is vitally important and continues to be mutually positive and supportive long after residency training is completed.

Dynamic Faculty

We have progressive and committed full-time faculty, including a behavioral scientist and a nurse practitioner. All of our faculty has advanced training in sports medicine, medical informatics, obstetrics, women’s health, geriatrics, or faculty development.  Our teaching faculty members regularly make presentations and host workshops at both the regional and national level. They also partner with the residents for research activities, publications and other scholarly activities.

Our Primary Outpatient Office

Our Center for Family Health office, located in Springfield, Delaware County, is designed to provide us with all the “tools of the trade” to practice the full spectrum of family medicine. Our fully functional Electronic Medical Record (EMR) provides a paperless approach to high quality patient care and practice-based research. Physicians may use their laptop computers anywhere in the office while seeing patients, as the wireless connections to patient charts and the Crozer server give us “real time” access to patient charts and medical information at the point of care. Every patient room in our office is also engineered with video and sound monitoring to aid in the precepting process. 

Our Urban Office

Our rapidly expanding Center for Family Health office in Upper Darby, Delaware County is designed to meet the evolving needs of a culturally diverse, underserved patient population. Residents learn to manage the patient’s healthcare needs using a culturally sensitive approach. Community outreach is encouraged with opportunities for community service projects. Our Upper Darby office recently became a federally qualified health center.

Primary Care Sports Medicine

We are leaders in the field of Primary Care Sports Medicine. In conjunction with our own highly competitive Sports Medicine Fellowship, we are the school physicians for many local school districts and provide comprehensive on- and off-field athletic evaluations at all levels. The fellowship is based at the Crozer-Keystone Healthplex®, a state-of-the-art health and wellness facility that has been certified as the first and only Regional U.S. Olympic Training Site of its kind in the country.

Medical Informatics

Our Medical Informatics longitudinal curriculum builds on each resident’s computer knowledge base, with the goal of bringing computer technology into the examination room to improve efficiency and quality of care. We also have our own Medical Informatics rotation, which provides the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and research foundation for residents to complete a scholarly project by their third year. This unique curriculum has received national acclaim for innovation and excellence.

Family-Centered Maternity Care

Our family medicine obstetrical faculty runs our Family-Centered Maternity Care Program. Each resident follows a panel of obstetric patients from the time of pregnancy diagnosis until delivery, and then continues to follow the mother and child as their primary physician. Thus, each resident can proudly say that they practice the full spectrum of “womb to tomb” family medicine!

Women’s Health

Women’s Health is an integral part of our training experience, as the biopsychosocial model especially lends itself to the care of women. Residents gain experience caring for women on their Obstetrics and Gynecology rotations, as well as in the outpatient setting of both Centers for Family Health. In the outpatient office, issues such as cancer prevention, cardiovascular health, mental health and osteoporosis prevention are addressed, along with gynecologic exams and contraception management. The residents also have the opportunity to learn gynecologic procedures, including videoscopic colposcopy, endometrial sampling and IUD insertion and removal. 


We have a state-of-the-art procedure room equipped with videoscopic equipment for our nasolaryngoscope, colposcope and microscope, as well as full casting and splinting capabilities.

Come Join Us!

Our goals are high, our resources are noteworthy, and our commitment to prepare our residents for a lifetime of learning and leadership is unshakeable! Come join us as we work together to lead you into family medicine’s future!


William J. Warning II, M.D., FAAFP
Director, Crozer-Keystone Family Medicine Residency Program

Program Highlights

Patient Center Medical Home

On Site Physician Dispensaries

Federally Qualified Health Center Experience

Opposed and Unopposed Program

Suburban and Urban Office Sites

Classroom Month

Superutilizer Fellowship

Sports Medicine Fellowship

Teaching Experience Leading Medical Student Group Lectures

Specialty Clinics:

  • OMM clinic
  • Sports Medicine Clinic
  • Dermatology Clinic

How to Apply

All applications to the Crozer-Keystone Family Medicine Residency Program must come through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). The deadline for receiving applications is December 31.

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