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Program Overview 

Crozer-Keystone's Osteopathic Rotating Internship Program is built on the solid foundation underlying the practice of osteopathic medicine: the recognition of the somatic component of disease and the interrelationship of structure and function, and the practice of holistic treatment of each patient to encourage the body's natural healing power and enhance wellness.

Our osteopathic internship, which fulfills the requirements of the American Osteopathic Association, offers a broad-based educational and clinical experience to 16 interns each year. Our interns primarily train at Delaware County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) and Crozer-Chester Medical Center, although they may take rotations at other Crozer-Keystone facilities.

The training year is divided into 13 four-week rotations. Six required rotations include family medicine, general internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and emergency medicine. The remaining time consists of service obligations, elective and selective rotations, two weeks of vacation and five personal/sick days.

Special Programmatic Features

Individually Tailored Training

Beyond the required rotations, Crozer-Keystone's Osteopathic Rotating Internship Program is tailored to meet the needs of individual interns and affords them the opportunity to take highly specialized training. Our interns have the ability to take up to three elective rotations ALL of which may be done off-campus.

Unique Offerings

Among our unique and exciting offerings are rotations in radiation oncology, wound management, interventional radiology and the OMM Clinic while on family medicine.

Leading Technologies

Notably, radiation oncology training takes place at DCMH’s Delaware County Regional Cancer Center, a field leader that combines state-of-the-art capabilities with individualized treatment plans and compassionate care. A dual energy linear accelerator, CT scan simulator, and cyber knife are among the advanced technologies that our attending physicians and interns can used to treat cancer patients.

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