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Through a partnership with Widener University, The Crozer-Chester Medical Center School of Clinical Neurophysiology (CNP) has been offering Electroeneurodiagnostic (END) courses online, since September 2004.


Crozer-Chester Medical Center (CCMC) is a large community teaching hospital and healthcare center located south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Online END students can access classes from anywhere in the United States through WHYY WebStudy.


This online program was developed to address the significant demand for formally trained END technologists throughout the United States and to provide a means by which technologists can meet the ASET recommended entry-level education requirements.


Students enrolled in the END Technology program take three courses each semester for four consecutive semesters.  

To enroll please submit:
·    Completed application
·    Application fee
·    Clinical site criteria form
·    Distance learning self-assessment form.
·    High school/college transcripts.
·    3 letters of recommendation must be academic or professional.

What is the Cost?

The cost for the three END courses is $3,750.00 per semester and can be paid per semester by credit card or check made payable to CCMC School of Clinical Neurophysiology.The cost of the entire program is $15,000.00. Books, measuring supplies and technology fees are separate. 

Upon Completion of the CNP program.  General Allied Health courses are offered directly through Widener or Delaware County Community College, and are an additional cost/credit. 

What are the Clinical Requirements?

Students must be working in an END/EEG lab at least 16 hours/week under the direction of an R. EEG T. â, while they are enrolled in the online END program to complete course requirements. The R. EEG T.  must be willing to complete student evaluation forms and communicate directly with the CCMC School of CNP faculty.

What is the student enrollment and Clinical Site Criteria?

Student Enrollment Criteria  

  • Clinical site is an approved END lab other than an existing Crozer-Chester Medical Center clinical affiliate
  • Able to perform clinical requirement of minimum of 16 hours/week throughout the course
  • Working with a registered tech who fulfills the criteria below

Clinical Site Criteria 

  • The END lab will allow the student to meet the minimum 16 hours/week clinical requirement
  • The END lab employs a registered tech who is willing and able to check measurements and complete evaluation forms and who:
    • Uses the International 10/20 system of electrode placement. 
    • Uses approved methods of paste and/or collodion application.
    • Uses approved methods of infection control. 
    • Establishes professional rapport with student. Serves as a role model and demonstrates patient-oriented attitudes.
    • Orients student to safety procedures.  Responds effectively and supervises students in emergency situations. 
    • Affords student opportunities to practice learned skills to combine academic information with clinical experience.
    • Provides clinical instruction and constructive feedback. 
    • Provides assistance and supervision appropriate to student’s level.
    • Ensures laboratory environment is clean and supplies are accessible.
    • Checks and reviews records with student.
    • Reviews evaluations with student.
    • Allows student to attend physician EEG record review.
    • Meets schedules and deadlines for completing student paperwork and submitting forms to school faculty.
    • Conveys all pertinent information to the School Staff.
    • Is willing to conduct quarterly competency exams to evaluate appropriate progress of the student.
    • Is willing to submit weekly evaluations of the students' performance.

What college credits are earned or transferable?

Upon completion of the program students can transfer 30 bloc credits to Widener University.  The remaining 30 academic credits required for an Associates Degree in Allied Health are available in the same online format through Widener University and WebStudy. Individuals may also have prior college credits that may be considered toward the degree.

For more information:

Widener University, Office of Continuing Studies
Phone: 610-499-4293
Fax: 610-499-4369

Students who graduate from CCMC's traditional Electroneurodiagnostic program and who obtain two of the following credentials (R. EEG T., R. EP T., RPSGT., CNIM, R. EDT.) will be awarded 51 bloc credits toward a Bachelor's of Science degree.

All END courses must be complete in order to receive a certificate of completion from the School of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Is the online END program accredited?

The END program is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). The accreditation process is completed every 7 years.

The CCMC School of Clinical Neurophysiology (CNP) was initially developed as an Electroencepalographic (EEG) Technology Program in 1973. As the profession grew, students required knowledge and training in the related disciplines of polysomnography and evoked potentials. As a result, the school added academic courses and clinical experiences to encompass all three disciplines in electroneurodiagnostic training and thus became the Electroneurodiagnostic (END) Program.  

Will I be eligible for the ABRETâ EEG boards after completing the END program?

Yes!  ABRET EEG exam requirements for accredited programs

·    Part I- Enrolled for at least 6 months
·    Part II- Completion of the program

For more information please visit ABRET’s website:

How do I contact the Crozer faculty?

The School of Clinical Neurophysiology
Crozer-Chester Medical Center
One Medical Center Boulevard
Upland, PA 19013

Liberty Simmons,
Program Director

Phone: 610-447-2915
Fax: 610-447-2629 

School Address:

The School of Clinical Neurophysiology
Crozer-Chester Medical Center
One Medical Center Boulevard
Upland, PA 19013

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