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  • Philosophy of Nursing Services

Philosophy of Nursing Services

  • We believe that the practice of professional nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems, which may occur during life cycle events, periods of illness, or at the time of death. We believe that nursing practice is solidly derived from biologic, sociologic and psychological disciplines, and is both an art and a science. We assure the elements of the Patient's Bill of Rights are followed and we are guided by the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics. 
  • We believe that the goals of nursing practice are to facilitate the adaptive growth and development of all patients and to maximize each individual's self-care capabilities. We believe that the focus of nursing care is both the individual patient as well as the patient's family and support network. As appropriate, the family and support network are involved in the patient's care and are provided instruction regarding the patient's care needs following discharge. 
  • Practitioners of nursing demonstrate sound judgment and rational thinking as well as adept technical and clinical skills, cultural, spiritual and ethnic beliefs are respected in planning care delivery. Though nursing care is planned and directed by the professional nurse, quality patient care is ultimately provided by a team comprised of staff nurses, practical nurses, patient care technicians, patient care associates, patient care secretaries, and other ancillary personnel. 
  • We believe that each individual in Nursing Services, within the definition of her/his assigned role, is responsible for her/his practice. All Nursing Services employees are responsible for safe and effective functioning, for clearly communicating with other departments for coordination of patient services, and for using the resources of the hospital in a cost-effective manner. 
  • We believe that nursing practice is strengthened and expanded through continued learning and research activities. To this end, Nursing Services and the individual employee share responsibility for on-going professional growth and development. Nursing Services supports the integration of research results into clinical practice, as well as the execution of well-designed nursing research studies. 
  • We believe that current practitioners must take an active role in the education and preparation of new practitioners. To this end, Nursing Services provides clinical experiences to accredited programs of learning for nurses and ancillary nursing personnel. Additionally, the use of preceptors to facilitate the transition of newly licensed nurses is supported. 
  • We believe that nursing shares responsibility with other healthcare professionals for the health and well being of society. Therefore, Nursing Services actively supports outreach and education programs designed to provide health screening and health maintenance to members of our community. 
  • Finally, we believe that current nurse leaders are responsible for developing future nurse leaders. To that end, all nurses in leadership and management roles are expected to identify and nurture potential successors, and to prepare them for expanding leadership responsibility through mentoring, role modeling, and facilitating their attendance at appropriate educational programs

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