June 2013 - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

Center for Nursing Excellence eNewsletter June 2013 


In This Issue:

A message from Bob Haffey

As the field of nursing expands and evolves, it has become more challenging for nurses to engage with their patients in a meaningful way. Read more.

Nurse Excellence Award

Congratulations to the following nurses at Crozer-Keystone Health System who were honored for excellence this month. Read more.

Patient Care Navigator…On a Mission

Patti Hollenback, R.N., B.S.N., patient care navigator for lung cancer and colorectal cancer patients at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, is on a mission. “I want nurses to be aware (of the need for screening) because colon cancer is such a preventable disease. We are on the front line. Even outside of the hospital, in the community, people look to us nurses for advice,” she says. Read more.

Team Huddles

It is such a simple concept, yet so effective—co-workers convene on a regular basis to quickly discuss issues. Known as the Team Huddle and part of the HRO (High Reliability Organization) initiatives, it is meant to occur at each shift change. Learn more.

Unit Councils Help with Communications...and More

People talking to people. The goal of Unit Council is for nurses to communicate and collaborate  identifying strategies to improve nursing practice at the unit, hospital, and even across the health system. Read more.

Patient Experience of Care: The Results at CKHS

Being a hospital patient is no one’s idea of a good time. As part of the most recent Vision Day, Crozer-Keystone Health System nurses talked about changes at their hospital to make the patient experience of care better. And while this was not the primary goal, the changes will result in better financial health for the Health System. Read more.

Using Video to Demonstrate the Patient Experience

As a result of her involvement with the Patient and Nurse Experience of Care Council, Laura Lambert, B.S.N, R.N., CCRN, staff nurse in the Surgical Trauma Unit at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, has taken the concept of improving the patient experience one creative step further. Read more.