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New Appointments

Magnet Model Component I: Transformational Leadership

The organization supports leadership development  

Taylor Hospital is pleased to announce the following new staff appointments:

Bonita Ball, RN, BSN

Assistant Director, Critical Care and Emergency Services, July 2011 

Caroline Clancy, RN, MSN

Clinical Educator, Nov. 2011 

Sharon Crowley, RN, BSN

Assistant Clinical Director, Surgical & Ambulatory Services, Sept. 2011 

Patrice Dolan, RN, BSN

Clinical Director for 3W, Nov. 2011 

Gary Levon, RN, BSN, BA

Assistant Clinical Director of Rehabilitation and Medical Surgical, Nov. 2011

Christine Maiorano, RN, BSN

Interim Department Charge Nurse for 2E, Nov. 2011 

Han Young Park, RN, MSN

Interim Department Charge Nurse for 3W, Nov. 2011