Oct-09 - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

October 2009

In This Issue:

Preparing for a Two-Pronged Flu Season: Novel H1N1 Influenza and Seasonal Flu

As we prepare for an unusually challenging flu season, our focus this month is infection control. You will read about the success of Crozer-Keystone’s efforts to prevent infection as well as some of the nurses who contribute to this mission. More>

Best Practices: Crozer-Keystone Hospitals Enact Comprehensive Plans to Care for Severe Sepsis Patients

Last year, four Crozer-Keystone hospitals - Delaware County Memorial Hospital, Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Taylor Hospital and Springfield Hospital - began a journey to reduce mortality rates for severe sepsis patients cared for in our hospitals. This journey focused on building an evidence-based process of care targeted at early recognition and rapid resuscitation of patients heading into severe sepsis. More>

Target Zero Success: Reducing Hospital Associated Infections

Nursing staffs in CKHS hospitals have been working diligently to reduce the incidence of hospital associated infections with great success. These include catheter related blood stream infection (CR BSI), ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and symptomatic catheter associated urinary tract infection. Learn about the units that have achieved "Target Zero" success. More>

Spotlight On: Evidence-Based Medicine Program Nurses

Crozer-Keystone nurses are working hard to implement evidence based medicine initiatives. This article highlights the work of Annmarie Birmingham, RN, Caroline Haggerty, RN, Linda Palma, RN, CEN, CNOR, Sharon Scott, BSN, MSN, and Suzanne Jenkins, RN, BSN, (in May 2009 issue). More>

Magnet Moment: Winning Essays. CKHS Nurses Share Perspective on Code of Ethics for Nurses

The Code of Ethics for Nurses was developed “as a guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care and the ethical obligations of the profession,” according to the American Nurses Association. This year, CKHS Magnet Ambassadors organized an essay contest for nurses to write about their personal experiences in carrying out the ethical duties and obligations of the Code. Read this year's three winning essays. More>

Correction: Great Catch, Regina Brown!

In the August 2009 issue of the CKHS Center for Nursing Excellence e-newsletter, we incorrectly reported the name of the first “Great Catch of the Quarter” award winner. Regina Brown, surgical technician in the OR at Crozer, was the winner of this award for catching a patient positioned on the wrong side for a surgical procedure and stopping the procedure just as it was about to start. Congratulations to Regina for this great catch and our apologies for the error. More>

Executive Endings: Eileen Young, MSN, RN, Vice President, Clinical Utilization and Outcomes

Preventing infection in our patients is really all about preventing patient harm . . . keeping patients safe, nurturing and supporting them during their most vulnerable time in the course of their acute illness. Clinicians used to feel that hospital acquired infections were “the cost of doing business,” unavoidable. And then, we in healthcare discovered through the commitment and dedication of our colleagues in the ICUs across the state of Michigan that maybe our practice was responsible for causing infection, and infections could be avoided if we committed as a team to do things differently. Here at Crozer-Keystone, I see nurses and physicians taking on that challenge daily with dramatic results. More>