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Announcing a New Model for ANCC's Magnet Recognition Program©

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) has announced the next generation model for its esteemed Magnet Recognition Program ®. This new model is designed to provide a framework for nursing practice and research in the future, as well as serving as a road map for organizations seeking to achieve Magnet recognition.

To develop the new model, ANCC commissioned a statistical analysis of Magnet appraisal team scores from evaluations conducted using the 2005 Magnet Recognition Program Application Manual. This analysis clustered the sources of evidence into more than 30 groups.

To provide greater clarity and direction, as well as eliminate redundancy within the Forces of Magnetism, the new model configures the 14 Forces of Magnetism into 5 Model Components:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Structural Empowerment
  • Exemplary Professional Practice
  • New Knowledge, Innovation, & Improvements
  • Empirical Quality Results

The new, simpler model reflects a greater focus on measuring outcomes and allows for more streamlined documentation, while retaining the 14 Forces as foundational to the program.

The Commission on Magnet also created a new vision to communicate the importance of Magnet organizations in shaping future changes that are essential to the continued development of the nursing profession and to quality outcomes in patient care.

A New Vision for Magnet

ANCC Magnet-recognized organizations will serve as the fount of knowledge and expertise for the delivery of nursing care globally. They will be solidly grounded in core Magnet principles, flexible, and constantly striving for discovery and innovation. They will lead the reformation of healthcare; the discipline of nursing; and care of the patient, family, and community.

Forces of Magnetism Represented

The new ANCC Magnet Application Manual will incorporate these 5 Model Components as the primary basis for achieving Magnet recognition, with the 14 Forces of Magnetism remaining as the foundation of the program.  The sources of evidence were reviewed by selected members of the Magnet community prior to the launch of the new Application Manual in 2008.

ANCC is the world's largest and most prestigious nurse credentialing organization, and a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association (ANA). 

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