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Magnet Moment

At the hospital level, the Nursing Practice Council responds by conducting or guiding research into the latest and best practices related to the bedside nurse’s inquiry and, as appropriate, implementing them into our standards of care.

Here is how it works…

(Please click on the link below, which is a PDF, to view the flow of evidence-based practices at CKHS.)

Utilizing New Evidence-based Practice at CKHS


* John Harper, MSN, RN-BC is the chair of the CKHS Nursing Research Council. He will be working with each Nursing Practice Council in the system to increase awareness and utilization of Evidence-Based Practice across the health system. He can be reached by email  or by phone at (610) 619-7319 (15-7319).

** Research utilization projects identify cutting edge Best Practices that are supported by nursing research, evaluating them in our setting, and implementing them when appropriate.