Magnet Moment: CKHS Nurses Demonstrate Exemplary Professional Practice - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

Magnet Moment: CKHS Nurses Demonstrate Exemplary Professional Practice

The ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® has outlined these expectations for Exemplary Professional Practice, one of the program’s key components:

“The achievement of exemplary professional practice is grounded by a culture of safety, quality monitoring, and quality improvement. Nurses collaborate with other disciplines to ensure that care is comprehensive, coordinated, and monitored for effectiveness through the quality improvement model. Nurses participate in safety initiatives that incorporate best practices.

“Nurses at all levels analyze data and use national benchmarks to gain a comparative perspective about their performance and the care patients receive. Action plans are developed that lead to systematic improvements over time. Magnet hospital data demonstrate outcome measures at or above the benchmark mean in patient and nurse sensitive indicators the majority of the time.”

Evidence-based practice, a hallmark of Magnet™ designation, is the norm for CKHS nurses. Our critical care nurses, for example, diligently implemented the rigorous glycemic control protocol developed four years ago. Through dedication and interdisciplinary collaboration, they have contributed to significant outcome improvements in critically ill patients on a ventilator. They are key members of an interdisciplinary team that continuously monitors the protocol’s success and analyzes the latest research evidence to evaluate their efforts. Recently, the team made a considerable change to the glycemic control protocol in response to a recent study, and this is expected to enhance patient outcomes. This is but one example of exemplary professional practice carried out every day by our nursing staff throughout the system.