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Magnet Moment: Three CKHS Hospitals Earn VHA Recognition

Delaware County Memorial Hospital and Crozer-Chester Medical Center were each honored with a 2009 VHA East Coast Certificate of Excellence for Goal Achievement in Sepsis Mortality Improvement. This certificate is awarded to hospitals that have decreased the rate of mortality for severe sepsis by at least 5 percent. 

DCMH received additional recognition for the development and implementation of its highly successful sepsis program which led to a dramatic 38 percent reduction in the rate of mortality over a nine-month period from August 2008 to April 2009. The hospital’s aggressive sepsis program included an intensive education campaign for nurses and physicians and a sepsis bundle targeting the first six hours of care.*

Springfield Hospital was honored with a 2009 VHA Leadership Award for Clinical Excellence for meeting or exceeding national performance standards for clinical care in the category of Patient Safety. This category recognizes hospitals that had zero cases of catheter-related blood stream infections and ventilator-associated pneumonia cases for the most recent 12 consecutive quarters.

Springfield demonstrated the highest levels of achievement by a reduction in blood stream infections from 5.9 per 1,000 patient days to zero for three consecutive quarters and maintaining 0 cases of ventilator-associated pneumonia for four full quarters.

“Our nursing staff played a critical role in these achievements,” says Nancy Bucher, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, CKHS Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. “We take great pride in this VHA recognition which affirms and rewards our ongoing commitment to the Magnet™ values of clinical quality and quality improvement.”

* Look for an in-depth article on the DCMH and Crozer Sepsis Programs in the next issue.

Springfield Hospital employees celebrate earning a VHA
Leadership Award for Clinical Excellence.