Aug-09 - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

August 2009

In This Issue:

Men in Nursing

Although more than 2.9 million registered nurses practice in the U.S., only 161,181 or 5.8 percent of that number are men. At Crozer-Keystone Health System, however, approximately 6.7 percent of all registered nurses are men, 13 percent higher than the national average. Men bring a unique set of talents to the nursing profession. This article profiles the careers of seven men who practice nursing at CKHS hospitals. You will enjoy reading the accounts of the life journeys that led these men to choose nursing as their profession. More>>

Best Practices: Making a "Great Catch" for Patient Safety

While major league baseball has been in full swing this summer, CKHS hospital operating rooms have been participating in a type of major league themselves. But this isn't about playing professional sports; it's about promoting a strong culture of safety for our patients. The "Great Catch" program at CKHS helps prevent mistakes or safety issues before they happen, and encourages nurses and staff to work together as a team. Learn more about our "Great Catch" program, how it's been implemented and our astounding results. More>>

Spotlight On: 2009 Nursing Spectrum Excellence Award Nominees

Learn about the dedication of this year's 2009 Nursing Spectrum Excellence Award nominees:

Crozer-Chester Medical Center: Kathleen Deegan, RN, BSN; Kathy Lehman, RN; and Kathryn Miller, RN, BSN. DCMH: Kathy Layton, MSN, RN-BC, BA; and Dottie Loving, RN. Taylor: Bonita Ball, RN, BSN; Annie Chang, RN; and Debra Ruddy, RN, BSN. More>>

Magnet Moment: Three CKHS Hospital Earn VHA Recognition

Learn how Crozer-Chester Medical Center and Delaware County Memorial Hospital earned VHA recognition for their work in decreasing the mortality rate due to sepsis; and how Springfield Hospital earned recognition for meeting or exceeding national performance standards for clinical care in patient safety. More>>

Executive Endings: Marie DeStefano, RN, MSN, FAAMA, Adminimstrator Director of Oncology

Marie DeStefano, RN, MSN, FAAMA, Administrative Director of Oncology at Crozer-Keystone Health System, reports on the positive results obtained through our cancer centers' early detection programs for breast and prostate cancers. More>>