Unit Council: Sharing Leadership at the Unit Level - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

Unit Council: Sharing Leadership at the Unit Level

The Unit Council’s role is to:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and create and promote the delivery of quality nursing care and patient education.
  • Identify opportunities to create and promote staff satisfaction and productivity and to assist in finding ways to attract and retain talented people.
  • Act as representative, consulting/advisory group for the work unit.
  • Serve as the unit’s ambassadors, planning group and communication link to all staff.

Unit council goals are based on hospital and nursing annual strategic goals with particular emphasis on unit satisfaction, patient satisfaction, clinical practice and education.

The unit council is chaired by a staff nurse, and members are committed to working collaboratively with fellow staff and managers to identify and promote improvement initiatives.

For the unit council to be successful, it is essential for the staff to buy in to the shared governance philosophy while being open to the manager’s coaching and mentorship.  The nurse manager plays a key role in the development of a successful unit council.

Voting will take place for all formal decision making; majority rules with a quorum of 2/3 of voting members. Management advisors to the council are not voting members.

Unit council members must agree upon ownership, partnership, equity and accountability. Working together, they strive for a healthy work environment that includes:

  • Continuous learning.
  • Accountability for quality care on the unit.
  • Support for learning from mistakes.
  • Honoring each other.
  • Connecting people through purpose and meaning.
  • Forming partnerships with colleagues to do the work.
  • Openness to understanding other points of view.
  • Respectful, supportive relationships.