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Peer Review: A 360° Approach to Performance Evaluation

“Peer review is the process by which one assesses, monitors and makes judgments about the quality of care provided to patients by other peers as measured against established standards of practice.”  - ANA 1983

CKHS Nurse Practice Councils are exploring the steps needed to implement a 360° Performance Evaluation as we journey toward nursing excellence and Magnet Designation. Required by the American Nurse Credentialing Center, this evidence-based practice includes feedback and input from the nurse being evaluated as well as his/her nursing peers and nurse manager. 

The research shows that hospitals using Peer Performance Evaluation have higher nursing satisfaction scores and better patient outcomes. The process encourages nurse provider competency, provides an opportunity for accurate, consistent assessment of individual professional growth, and provides staff members with feedback.

Challenges to peer review include concerns about bias and confidentiality, a longer evaluation process, and increased training needs.*

When the CKHS Nurse Practice Councils complete their review of the literature and the practice standards of other hospitals that use 360° performance evaluation, they will develop a plan for implementation. The evaluation process will be introduced in like units in every CKHS hospital during a trial period in Spring of 2009, followed by a period for comments and final roll out during the fourth quarter of 2009.

* Peer review information provided by: Wadsworth, Deborah, RN, BSN, CAPA; Eleventh National Magnet Conference, October 2007.