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A Letter from the Chief Nursing Officer:

As the field of nursing expands and evolves, it has become more challenging for nurses to engage with their patients in a meaningful way.

New technologies, practices and procedures have dramatically increased quality of care and patient safety. But in some cases, have taken away from the time that nurses have to spend at the bedside.

For example, before the Pyxis MedStation® or Medication Administration Checking, when a patient needed a drug the nurse simply went and got it. Now, this process involves no fewer than 12 steps to order and administer a medication – the right thing to do, but a more complicated process.

Consider also that, 20 years ago, a nurse’s primary job was hands-on patient care. Nurses now enjoy a much higher profile in the healthcare setting and as a result, are called upon to do more – attend meetings, teach their peers, consult on cases and perform countless other tasks previously not in the nursing job description.

All of this being said, we need to remember that our patients remain our primary focus.

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