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Physician Testimonials

“I simply enjoy and respect the people I work with.”

“This a place where we can practice medicine in a way we are proud of. I can go home and say that I was able to do what I felt was best for the patient. If there is an issue that prevents me from doing so, I can bring it up with the powers-that-be and the issue gets resolved.”

“At Taylor, we have a true family atmosphere. We work together as a team. We learn as a team and grow as a team. We treat each other as family. You cannot walk down the hallway and not see someone that you know. We all smile and say hello and hold doors for each other.”

“I feel that the administration values me as a physician and a member of the medical staff. I am not just a worker bee to do my shift and leave. I am there to provide excellent care. They work with me to help me do so.”

Gregory Cuculino, M.D.

“Crozer is committed to helping me grow my practice and to my success.”

“There is a strong network of referring physicians, and a large primary care network. They’ve fostered a tight close knit community and a sense of camaraderie here.”

“Crozer has a strong history of serving the surrounding community. In a time of health systems failing, I felt that Crozer was financially stable. I have the opportunity to be involved in academics with medical students and staff. They offer a competitive benefits package, and have financially invested in new and updated equipment for me.”

Monica Patel-Zeitz, M.D.

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