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Welcome to Crozer-Keystone’s ICD-10 Resource Center – your source for news, updates and information about the ICD-10 medical coding system. Here you’ll find links to documentation tips, presentations by The Advisory Board, ICD-10 apps, websites and other resources. We’re here to support you as we build a better, more effective coding system together.

The conversion from the ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding system went into effect on October 1, 2015. There are major changes related to the documentation of specificity that affects coding and reimbursement. Physician documentation becomes critical. It is important that physicians focus on the inclusion of this specific information in their documentation.

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News and Updates

Crozer-Keystone's ICD-10 Education Strategy to Physicians Featured in Becker's Hospital Review

Crozer-Keystone's ICD-10 education strategy to physicians was featured in an online article in Becker's Hospital Review. The author outlined Crozer-Keystone's five best practices. Learn more about them in the article.

A Bit of Humor: Top 8 Zaniest ICD-10 Codes

Top 8 Zaniest ICD-10 Codes

Zaniest ICD-10 Codes

While you're absorbing the latest information on ICD-10 codes, take a break and read about the top 8 zaniest ICD-10 codes. (First published in Healthcare IT News and Healthcare Finance News eSupplement, ICD-10 Compliance and Beyond: Completing the Journey.

Would you believe there's a code for:

Problems with in-laws?

Animal-rider injured in collision with a trolley?

Download and view file (PDF).


ICD-10 Questions Related to Inpatient Documentation

If you have questions about ICD-10 related to inpatient documentation, please contact:

Lisa Stackhouse, RN, CDI Manager

Phone: 610-284-8523

Alternative Contact:


ICD-10 Questions Related to Professional Billing or Office Practices

If you have questions about ICD-10 related to professional billing or office practices, please contact your practice administrator.