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Surgery Rotation

Fourth Year Medical Students


Objectives & Goals

1.  Opportunity to function as an integral part of healthcare team on an intern level

2.  Build upon and develop knowledge of basic surgical disease processes.

3.  Understand principles of perioperative care of the straightforward and complex surgical patient.

4.  Develop skills necessary for further training.


The subintern will be assigned to a healthcare team: surgery Service I, Service II or Trauma. The subintern will function as an independent and integral part of the healthcare team. Perioperative care will be emphasized.

Methods of Evaluating Student

The student is required to provide his/her attending with an evaluation form at the beginning of the rotation and to have that evaluation form returned to the surgical office who will forward it to Temple.

  • Direct observation of clinical skills, cognitive knowledge base, and problem solving skills.
  • Demonstration of professionalism regarding interpersonal relationships with peers, patients, and members of healthcare team. Ability to perform independently in role of intern in supervised setting.
  • Ability to gather and collate data, report and interpret, and arrive at assessment and plan of care.

Learning Resources

Department of Surgery Library; from conference curriculum; daily informal teaching opportunity during rounds, procedures; syllabus of suggested reading.


Setting Up Rotation

Students will email or call to request a rotation in the CKHS. First, I check to see if we have an affiliation agreement with the medical school. An email will be sent with the appropriate application (Crozer or DCMH), also listing the rotations available at the hospital.  The department is called to see if there is an opening for the student (after first consulting appointment book).(Please note, students also set up rotations with private physicians in CKHS that are not on the list, and that office is contacted to confirm)

Once approved, the student is emailed a rotation confirmation which names the preceptor/location and date of rotation, and also lists the application documentation requirements (immunization/PPD/flu records, letter of good standing, malpractice, and evaluation form).  Immunization records are first reviewed by Janice, and once all are received they are then given to director to review and sign off on.

Two weeks prior to rotation start date, the student is emailed orientation instructions and directions.(Room reservations are made in advance)If application is still incomplete, missing items are listed. Attached to the email are directions, parking instructions to DCMH for orientation, as well as directions to Crozer or Springfield Hospital.

Student Orientation

Osteopathic students attend orientation only for first rotation in CKHS. Subsequent rotation instructions are handled by Janice via email/telephone. Their file is updated prior to their start date (updated PPD or flu shot, letter of good standing for current rotation, updated malpractice, etc.)

The majority of students are scheduled for orientation on the first Monday’s per the PCOM rotation dates. Students from medical schools with differing Monday start dates are scheduled throughout the month. There is always 1+ students oriented on the first Tuesday because Cardiology/Pisano students must attend grand rounds at PCOM on Monday. Students orienting on Tuesdays are required to first attend the family medicine lecture at 7:30 a.m. prior to orientation at 8:30 a.m. Students are oriented by the DOME. Then they meet with Janice. Janice collects a signed HIPPA statement, Education Manuals statement/Corporate Compliance statement, copy of driver’s license, and ID badge/key deposits. Issues ID badges. Students are given free parking vouchers at departure. Janice also arranges Invision computer training for some students, as well as sign-ons/passwords, as well as gives instructions for how to obtain hospital scrubs and collects scrub locker key deposits.

Janice notifies security department at DCMH to activate ID badges for parking garage and sends security parking fee checks for deposit. Security at CCMC and SH are also notified. Each hospital security department has a different policy for students and different fees.

All major departments at DCMH, Crozer, and Springfield Hospital are sent a medical student list for the month, plus a list of current interns, plastic surgery residents, and orthopedic residents. Some are sent via email and are sent a hard copy.

When oriented students leave our office, they then report to their rotation, where they usually receive a 2nd orientation specific to that medical specialty, plus computer training, etc. 

Post Student Orientation

At the end of the two or four week rotation, student evaluations are to be signed/dated by the preceptor and then returned to OME at DCMH for the DOME signature. (Each medical school has its own evaluation form.) A note to this effect is attached to each evaluation form as a reminder.  We get about 50% compliance. I suspect the originals are sometimes sent directly to the medical schools. If the medical school calls to report no evaluation form was received, or if an incomplete form was submitted, I need to contact the department to get the evaluation. This usually takes several months of regular reminders. An evaluation copy is placed in the student file, and the original is mailed to the medical school. Student records are archived for three academic years. If a student applies to our internship program, a copy of their evaluation is copied and added to their application.

Affiliation agreements with the medical school are coordinated with the GME department at Crozer and Denise Chandler in the Legal Department at Crozer-Keystone's Corporate Headquarters in Springfield.

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