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Before You Dive In: 7 swimming tips that could save your life

1. Test the depth of the water by going in feet first, even at swimming pools, and obey all “No Diving” signs. Diving accidents are an important preventable cause of spinal cord injuries, and most diving-related spinal cord injuries result in paralysis of both arms and legs.

2. Swim with a buddy, not alone, and stay in designated areas with lifeguard supervision. Inexperienced swimmers should wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device.

3. Keep within arm’s length of young children in the water, and never ask an older child to watch a younger child. Even though they may have had lessons, children under 4 may not be developmentally ready to swim.

4. Check for rocks, broken glass, and other sharp objects before entering the water in rivers, lakes, or oceans.

5. When swimming at beaches ask the lifeguard about waves and riptides, which could be a safety concern.

6. Stay out of the water during bad weather, especially lightning storms.

7. Never drink alcohol when you are swimming. Alcohol impairs your judgment and coordination and alters your body’s ability to stay warm.

Sources: American Red Cross; American Academy of Pediatrics

“Biggest Winner” Team Weight-Loss Challenge Results

Congratulations to the 440 employees and spouses on 61 teams who participated in the Wellness Works eight-week weight-loss challenge. Combined, participants lost over 2,000 pounds! The Crozer Care Management Department was taking care of their weight, as our 2014 1st and 2nd place teams are both from that department:

1st Place – The N.J. Fockers

Each team member receives a $50 American Express Gift Cheque

  • Rick Paulus and his wife, Anne, lost 7.9% of their total body weight
2nd Place – Waist Away

Each team member receives a $25 American Express Gift Cheque

  • Angela Davis (captain) and her team lost 6.7% of their total body weight
  • Nancy Campbell
  • Jamira Hammond
  • Arlisa Henry
Individual Winners

Individual winners and their team names are listed in order by greatest percent of total body weight lost. Each Biggest Winner receives a $50 American Express Gift Cheque*

  • Rob Shumate – Get Lost (Crozer Information Systems)
  • Tiffany Gallo – Slimsons (DCMH 5 West)
  • Ken Santello – The Meltdowns (CKHN Sports Medicine)
  • Anne Paulus (spouse of Rick) – The N.J. Fockers (Crozer Care Management)
  • Bridgett Wendel – Pharmacy Phatties (Taylor Pharmacy)
  • Susan Starr – Teletubbies (Crozer 3 South)
  • Kelly Ecker – Giggly Wigglies (DCMH NICU/MCH)
  • Angela Davis – Waist Away (Crozer Care Management)
  • Lisa Kilgallen – Sharper Image (Springfield Radiology)
  • Jacqueline Ruggieri – Go Getters (Community Child and Family Services)

*Winners receive one prize, the greater of the individual or team reward.

Wellness Works Healthy Lifestyle Tracker Update

Three cheers for over 650 employees and spouses who completed their 2013 Healthy Lifestyle Tracker and recently received their reward. As in past years, the $100 American Express Gift Cheque and $20 movie gift card continue to be the most popular reward choices. Congratulations on pursuing a healthy lifestyle – the best reward of all! 2014 Road to Wellness financial incentives replace the Healthy Lifestyle Tracker Rewards, effective January 1, 2014.

Partner with your Wellness Works Nurse Navigator to Manage Your Diabetes or Pre-diabetes “Your Way, Your Pace, Your Style!”

If you and/or a family member are enrolled in a CKHS medical plan administered by AmeriHealth, contact your Wellness Works nurse navigator to better manage your health in our new pilot program. You will receive the support you need, as well as earn a reward for participation, all in a manner that fits your busy schedule. Diabetes is a serious health issue, and we are here to help!

Contact your Wellness Works nurse navigator today to sign up!

2014 Road to Wellness Update – Have You Scheduled Your Annual Physical?

Eligible employees and spouses who are enrolled in a Choices Medical Plan are encouraged to participate in a variety of healthy activities in 2014 to qualify for lower 2015 Wellness Medical Rates. Required 2014 activities include an online Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) and three online HAQ lessons, biometric screenings, an annual physical, and completing one healthy activity.

Biometric screenings and annual physicals completed on or after April 1, 2013 satisfy the requirement; you do not have to complete them again. All of these requirements must be completed by Sept.30. Participants also have to complete the final steps online during the annual Open Enrollment period, which is scheduled for October 29 to November 12, 2014.

If you have not had an annual physical after April 1, 2013, schedule it today! You may also complete biometrics as part of your annual physical, if required. The list of biometric screening components is available on the “My Wellness” page of

Additional details will be mailed to your home in July. Call the Benefit Answer Line at (610) 595-6380 (19-6380) or visit for additional information. Eligibility varies by collective bargaining agreement.

Be Tobacco-Free and Preserve Health and Wealth  

This year, CKHS employees and their spouses are encouraged to make a new commitment to being tobacco-free. Eligible employees and/or their spouses who are enrolled in a CHOICES medical plan who are tobacco free by Sept. 30 - and attest to their tobacco status during Open Enrollment between Oct. 29 and Nov. 12 -- will not be required to pay a medical plan per pay surcharge in 2015.

To help smokers kick the habit, free “Clear the Air” smoking cessation classes are offered and free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is available in the Crozer-Keystone Employee Pharmacy for eligible CKHS employees/spouses. Tobacco users who participate in a smoking cessation program but are unable to “kick the habit” may fax a program Certificate of Completion to Employee Benefit Services by September 30, 2014 in order to not pay the surcharge. Eligibility varies by collective bargaining agreement.

“Clear the Air” Smoking Cessation Program – Class Schedule

CKHS Community Health Education offers "Clear the Air," a FREE group program led by experts who understand why you smoke. The program uses a positive behavioral change approach that teaches you how to become a nonsmoker for good.

  • Taylor: Six consecutive Wednesdays, starting on July 9, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in the Café Conference Room
  • Springfield: Six consecutive Tuesdays, starting on Aug. 19, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the 1st Floor Conference Room

Participants who attend at least five weeks of the five- and six-week sessions or at least seven weeks of the eight-week sessions receive a Certificate of Completion. Submit the Certificate to Employee Benefit Services by September 30, 2014 to avoid paying the smoker surcharge in 2015.

For more information and to register, call CKHS Community Health Education at (610) 447-6009 (15-6009). Space is limited!

1-800-QUIT-NOW Offers Telephonic Smoking Cessation Counseling

The PA Department of Health and other state health departments offer residents a free quitline. Pennsylvania’s FREE Quitline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, uses state-of-the-art tobacco cessation techniques to provide counseling and structured assistance for individuals who are committed to quitting. The FREE Quitline is staffed by clinically trained counselors who offer five proactive counseling sessions. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are confidential and a Certificate of Completion will be provided to participants who complete the five-session program.

Smoking Cessation Medications and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

New for 2014! The Crozer-Keystone Prescription Drug Plan covers six 30-day supplies of smoking cessation medications - including Chantix, Buproprion (generic Zyban) and generic over-the-counter NRT (nicotine patches, gum and lozenges) - all paid 100% by the Plan. Be sure to provide a prescription for all medications and to fill the prescriptions in the CKHS Employee Pharmacy.

In addition, three 30-day supplies annually of nicotine inhalers and nicotine nasal spray are covered. Regular copays apply for these items.

Wellness Works

Let a Wellness Works nurse navigator provide the personal attention that you need to optimize your health and well-being, face your health challenges and improve your quality of life. Your healthcare needs will be handled promptly and confidentially. Contact Dee Pascale, R.N. at (610) 394-4756 (12-4756) or; or Cathy Petrucci, M.S.N., R.N. at (610) 490-7960 (15-7960) or

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