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Extreme Makeover: Crozer Edition

Extreme Makeover Crozer Edition

Our Extreme Makeover: Crozer Edition project aims to renovate patient rooms, pathways and waiting areas to create an updated, pleasing and comfortable appearance that our patients, families, friends and neighbors need and deserve during a hospital stay. 

Bader Family Provides Gift that Upgrades Maternity Waiting Room at Crozer-Chester Medical Center

The Maternity waiting room at the Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland underwent a significant upgrade made possible by a gift in honor of Patricia K. Bader and Albert X. Bader, Jr. More>

Read about Our Progress

As you may have noticed, our Extreme Makeover projects continue in full swing. (Click the title below to read about our progress.)

Latest Progress Report: June 2015

To date, we have completed work in the following areas at Crozer-Chester Medical Center:

  • Connecting Corridor Between 2 South and Ambulatory Pavilion
  • 2 North Unit improvements
  • 2 South Unit Phase I improvements
  • Cardiology Waiting Room improvements
  • Maternity Waiting Room improvements
  • Emergency Department Lobby improvements
  • Corridor Finish Upgrades, Ground Floor North
  • Corridor Finish Upgrades, First Floor South
  • Crisis Center improvements
  • Parking Garage 1 has been demolished and landscaping completed
  • Elevator Lobby Upgrades
  • POB Upgrades
  • Crozer pub and Serendipity building were demolished
  • Installation of more than 40 bulletin boards throughout the medical center

In Progress:

  • 2 South Unit Phase 2 improvements, including Nurse Station and Naming of Oncology and Medical Unit
  • 3 North Maternity
  • Physician’s Lounge on 1 South

Future Work:

  • 3 South Unit
  • 1 West Unit
  • ICU Waiting Room, 4th Floor
  • Elevator Lobby and Corridors, 4th Floor Critical Care
  • Connecting Corridor Between the New ED Addition and In-Patient Radiology

This project will continue with complete patient room and pathway makeovers in units throughout the medical center. Thanks to the generosity of our employees and physicians who have given so generously to support the Extreme Makeover. The employee giving campaign raised more than $340,000, while the physician campaign is going strong as it has exceeded $1.1M. The efforts listed above would not be possible without these outstanding contributions.

See Our Progress

Check out the photos below for updates on our progress so far - thank you for your support - you can see that we have made great progress.

Renovation of Corridor to Ambulatory Care Pavilion and Oncology and Medical Unit Signage on 2 South

See the latest updates we have made on 2 South. 

  • Connecting corridor between 2 South and the Ambulatory Care Pavilion
  • View of the corridor between 2 South and the Ambulatory Care Pavilion
  • New sign for the Grace Vivacqua Verruno and Vincent Verruno Oncology and Medical Unit

Renovation of Patient Rooms and Hallways in 2 North

Check out the spacious, well-lit and beautifully decorated patient rooms and central nursing station on 2 North.

  • An elevated view of a new patient room.
  • Patients and their families can spend time together in a new well-lit space.
  • Comfortable chairs are part of our new design.
  • Even without chairs, the new rooms use open space well.
  • Open work spaces for the nurses station give 2 North a welcoming look.
  • A wide shot of the new nurses station.

Demolition of Parking Garage I and Updated Waiting Rooms

View the picture slide show below to see some of our newest changes and those coming soon.

  • Demolition of Parking Garage I
  • Demolition  of Parking Garage I
  • Demolition  of Parking Garage I
  • New Park Coming Soon
  • New Park Coming Soon
  • New Maternity Waiting Area
  • New Maternity Waiting Area
  • Ground Floor Hallways Remodel Project
  • Ground Floor Hallways Remodel Project
  • Ground Floor Hallways Remodel Project
  • New Emergency Department Waiting Area
  • New Emergency Department Waiting Area
  • New Emergency Department Waiting Area

Initial Updates to Rooms and Corridors 

Check out our new rooms and corridors as the first part of our Extreme Edition Update project.  

  • Renovated Room with Painting and Window View
  • Renovated Room with Comfortable Chairs
  • Renovated Room with Window View
  • Renovated Room with Bed and Equipment
  • Renovated Room with Chairs and Window View
  • Renovated Room with Comfortable Bed and Night Stand
  • Corridor with Art Work
  • Corridor with New Flooring

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