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Program Goals and Outcomes

The Radiologic Technology program includes the following student goals and learning objectives. 

Student Goals

  1. Graduates/students will demonstrate clinical competency.
  2. Graduates/students will employ effective critical thinking skills.
  3. Graduates/students will develop the professional characteristics of a healthcare practitioner.
  4. Graduates/students will employ effective communication skills.
  5. Graduates/students will fulfill the community’s need for registered radiologic technologists.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate appropriate radiation safety principles.
  2. Students will be competent using radiographic equipment.
  3. Students will provide competent patient care.
  4. Students will demonstrate proper positioning techniques to produce optimal radiographic images.
  5. Students will manipulate radiographic technical factors to produce quality radiographs.
  6. Students will adhere to patient confidentiality policies.
  7. Students will demonstrate professionalism in the clinical setting.
  8. Students will participate in professional growth activities.
  9. Students will practice appropriate oral/written communication skills.
  10. Students will continue to hone oral and written communication skills to successfully communicate with patients and co-workers.
  11. Students will interpret the needs of patients and formulate modifications in a variety of circumstances.
  12. Students will gather and evaluate data to reach conclusions that consider realistic implications and consequences.
  13. Students will graduate from the radiography program.
  14. Students will become radiologic technologist.
  15. Students will be employed within the medical imaging field.
  16. Graduates will be satisfied with their clinical experience.
  17. Employers will be satisfied with graduate performance.

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