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Crozer-Chester Medical Center School of Clinical Neurophysiology Online Courses

The Crozer-Chester Medical Center School of Clinical Neurophysiology, in cooperation with Widener University, now offers online courses in Electroencephalographic Technology. 

The new online curriculum will target technologists who do not have access to traditional END training programs.  The online courses are similar to those offered in our traditional hospital-based course in that they require completion of weekly academic and clinical assignments.  Academic instruction is done through WebStudy®. Students will have regular contact with Crozer's experienced END instructors.

Courses are structured so that students will be required to take and pass three courses each semester for four consecutive semesters.  Upon successful completion of the END courses students can transfer bloc credits to Widener University and continue their on-line education towards either an Associate or Bachelors Degree in Allied Health.

Online END students are required to work in an END lab for a minimum of 16 hrs/week under the direction of a R. EEG T.® 

Those applying for acceptance will be required to provide documentation of employment prior to registering for courses.  Clinical instruction is key to the END learning process.  Approval of clinical sites will be at the discretion of the School of CNP faculty and on a case-by-case basis.

For more information please contact:

The School of Clinical Neurophysiology
Crozer-Chester Medical Center
One Medical Center Boulevard
Upland, PA 19013

Liberty Simmons,
Program Director

Phone: 610-447-2915
Fax: 610-447-2629 

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