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Emergency Contact Information


ER:  610-447-2188

ER Fax:  610-447-2141

Paramedics:  610-284-8987


ER:  610-284-8400

ER Fax:  610-284-8519

Paramedics:  610-284-8987


ER:  610-328-8730

ER Fax:  610-328-8736

Paramedics:  610-328-8724

Taylor ER:  610-595-6480

ER Fax:  610-595-6778

Paramedics:  610-595-6045

Director:  610-595-6377

Paramedic Fax:  610-595-6051


Stay Safe: Don't Drive While Distracted 

Americans spend a lot of time in their cars. Because of that, many find themselves wanting to do other things - talk on the phone, eat - while driving. But "distracted driving" can have serious consequences. Learn more about distracted driving here.

Here's more safety information:

Healthy Hands = Germ Prevention

Bike Safety 

Fall Risk Safety

Garage Safety

Poison Safety

Summer Safety

Sun Safety

Emergency Care Guide

View Crozer's Emergency Care Guide to learn additional info about services, insurance policies and advance directives.