Community Health Education

We provide outreach and education regarding local and nationally identified health concerns, as identified in our Community Health Needs Assessment.  This department serves as a single point of contact for access to programs and services for health education that enables individuals to become active participants in their healthcare, and connects them to needed tertiary programs and services. Staff maintain ongoing relationships with community partners and service providers to ensure connectivity and collaboration to meet our goal of improving the health status of our community. Our current programming includes:

Clear the Air Prevention Programming
Congregational Nursing Soccer for Success
Cultural Connections Collaborative Summer Asthma Day Camp
Health and Wellness Event Planning Speakers' Bureau
Kids Asthma Management Program (K.A.M.P.)

K.A.M.P. Asthma Program Testimonial

Winston Churchill...

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have....

Contact Us

Ellen Williams, MSA

CKHS Community Health Education
Silberman Center
One Medical Center Blvd.
Upland, PA  19013


Delco Show Highlights

Ellen Williams, MSA, Administrative Director, Community Health Education, Joanne Craig, M.S., Administrative Director, Women and Children's Health Services, and Kate Blackburn, Administrative Director, The Wellness Center are featured in this 'Delco Show' radio clip.

Listen to the radio clip. (1:21 mins.)