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Crisis Center at Crozer-Chester Medical Center

Crisis Center at Crozer-Chester Medical Center
1 Medical Center Boulevard
South Drive
Upland, PA 19013

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Hours of Operation

24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Main: 610-447-7600

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About Us

The Crisis Center at Crozer-Chester Medical Center provides intervention to children, adolescents and adults who are experiencing behavioral disturbances such as suicidal ideations, homicidal ideations, psychosis, depression and anxiety.

The Crisis Center is staffed by counselors, nurses and psychiatrists and is open 24 hours a day, seven days per week. No matter the time of day, we're here to help. Available on-site at Crozer-Chester Medical Center or through a 24-hour crisis hotline (610-447-7600), professional clinicians at the Crisis Center provide round-the-clock, confidential support and treatment to children, adolescents and adults.

Who We Serve

The Crisis Center is open to individuals ages four and older who reside or work in the catchment area assigned to Crozer-Keystone Health System by the Delaware County Office of Mental Health, including the western and southern areas of Delaware County. Other individuals who are in need and come to the Crisis Service will be evaluated as well. Our staff members help the individual, family or significant other assess the situation realistically and also assess the individual in crisis to develop recommendations that are most appropriate for the individual's situation.

Our Staff

All of our staff are trained and prepared to deliver comprehensive physical and emotional diagnosis and treatment. Their expertise and training enables Crozer to provide the highest quality psychiatric care for anyone seeking assistance with thought disorders, mood disorders, emotional problems, interpersonal difficulties, or co-morbid substance abuse.


Services at the Crisis Center include:

  • Screening and Assessment
  • Inpatient Hospitalization
  • Referrals for Outpatient Mental Health Services
  • 24 hour nursing supervision
  • Medications
  • Drug And Alcohol intervention
  • Assistance with 302 petitions
  • Follow up appointments
  • Transportation
  • Telephone Counseling
  • Targeted Case-management

What to Expect

When a patient comes to Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s Crisis Center, there are a few standard procedures that will occur:

  • For the safety of patients and those accompanying them to the Crisis Center, everyone needs to be cleared by security upon arrival
  • A nurse will take the patient’s vital signs and determine if the patient is in need of treatment for a medical issue, or if they are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If so, the patient will need to be cleared by the Emergency Department before they can continue treatment at the Crisis Center
  • After it is determined the patient is appropriate to move forward and/or has been medically cleared by the Emergency Department, the patient will receive their rights (which are different if a patient comes in voluntarily or as been involuntarily committed)
  • A Bio-psychosocial Assessment will then be performed by the Crisis Nurse/Counselor and a Psychiatric Evaluation by the Psychiatrist

What to Bring with You

If at all possible when coming to Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s Crisis Center, please have the following items:

  • The patient’s health insurance information
  • All current medical problems/diagnoses of the patient
  • A list of current medications the patient takes
  • Any information about mental health services the patient is already receiving and phone numbers of professional contacts
  • Psychiatric Advance Directive (If applicable)

When suitable the Crisis Staff will provide counseling to the patient and family. Also, if medication is needed for psychiatric conditions, or for drug and/or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, that will be given to the patient during their stay.