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Money Back Guarantee

You may find it difficult to find the money to manage the costs associated fertility treatments that can help you build a family if you do not have healthcare insurance that provides benefits for infertility.

The HAN Fertility Center offers a Money Back Guarantee program to help ease those concerns. The program is for eligible couples who have paid in advance for multiple attempts to conceive a child.

You should compare this program to our traditional multi-package fee for service pricing to see which is best for you. You will receive excellent care at the Fertility Center, no matter what option of payment you select.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine has found that risk sharing or money back guarantee programs with full disclosure for in vitro fertilization (IVF) are ethical options for patients who lack insurance coverage. Following is information you will need to make an educated choice in your fertility care.

How does the Money Back Guarantee Program work?

Couples who qualify for the program can attempt four fresh cycles of IVF, and unlimited frozen embryo transfer cycles (if there are extra embryos to cryopreserve after transfer) to achieve a pregnancy within a 24-month period for a flat fee. Unless indicated by your physician, embryos that are cryopreserved from a fresh cycle must be used to attempt a pregnancy before moving on to the next fresh cycle.

When you reach 12 weeks of gestation, the program is considered complete.

Couples that use only one cycle to take home a baby will pay more per cycle than our traditional fee for service or package pricing. However, if all four fresh and unlimited frozen (if available) in a 24 month period do not result in a pregnancy of at least 12 weeks gestation, you will receive 70 percent of your payment back.

Who Qualifies For Our Money Back Guarantee?

  • Patients who are less than 35 years old at the time of enrollment (for a fee of $19,000)
  • Patients who are 35 to 39 years old at the time of enrollment (for a fee of $19,500)
  • Patients in good health with no chronic health issues that may impair her ability to carry a healthy pregnancy to term
  • Patients with normal anatomical landmarks, as defined by the physician using ultrasound (e.g. at least one ovary accessible by ultrasound and normal uterine cavity)
  • There are no impediments to the transcervical embryo transfer
  • Patients may not have fibroids greater than 3cm in diameter (or at physician’s discretion) and cannot alter the endometrial lining
  • Patient’s uterine cavity must be free of submucous fibroids, polyps and adhesions
  • Patients who have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30
  • Patients who have a baseline follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) of less than 12
  • Patients who have anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) greater than 1
  • Patients must be a non-smoker, as verified by lab testing
  • Prior semen analyses must confirm at least 500 motile sperm in two individual specimens

What Is Included With Our Money Back Guarantee?

  • Up to four fresh and unlimited frozen cycles during the length of the contract (The frozen cycles must be a result of one of the fresh cycles)
  • Injection teaching
  • Follicle monitoring, labs, ultrasounds and office visits during the cycles
  • Oocyte aspiration
  • Oocyte identification and insemination - intracytoplamic sperm injection (ISCI) or conventional as indicated by physician and laboratory
  • Conventional sperm preparation
  • Embryo culture
  • Assisted embryo hatching (as indicated by physician and laboratory)
  • Embryo transfer with ultrasound guidance
  • Embryo freezing and storage for up to ONE year
  • Embryo thawing and culture of cryopreserved embryos within the Shared Risk Contract time of 24 months only

What Is NOT Included With Our Money Back Guarantee?

  • Pre-testing/screening
  • Anesthesia ($450 per egg retrieval)
  • Pregnancy monitoring
  • Male services (Testicular biopsy, epididymal aspiration or semen analysis prior to cycle start)
  • Medications
  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening (biopsy, transport and diagnostic testing)
  • Counseling fees (psychologist)
  • Donor sperm or donor egg costs
  • Complications related to ovarian hyperstimulation, pregnancy or hospital admission
  • Laboratory fees not related to the cycle (i.e. initial evaluation or hyperstimulation labs)
  • Surgeries other than the oocyte retrieval
  • Subsequent frozen embryo transfers (FET) outside of the 24 month window (you will be charged the fee for service FET cycle charges)
  • Embryo storage after one year from date of contract start
    • You will be billed quarterly at the current quarterly fee
    • Note storage fees are subject to increase at the start of each financial year calendar

Benefits from Money Back Guarantee Program

The HAN Fertility Center provides excellent care at very competitive Shared Risk pricing. There are no additional add-on costs after the cycle as ICSI and assisted hatching are included in the cycles.

You have the right to withdrawal from the Money Back Guarantee at any time.

You will be refunded following withdrawal, but you will incur a prorated charge of $6,000 per fresh cycle performed and $2,850 per frozen cycle performed.

If you chose to withdraw before the oocyte retrieval, but have started your cycle, you will be charged $150 per ultrasound that was performed during your monitoring.

Note: If as a couple, you do not qualify for the Money Back Guarantee Program, the Fertility Center offers several affordable multi-cycle packages from which you may choose.

Additional Notes:

  • Having an oocyte retrieval counts as a fresh cycle even if you do not have an embryo transfer due to hyperstimulation (and freezing all embryos for later use) or fertilization failure, etc.
  • The unlimited frozen cycles will be lost if there are no cryopreserved embryos from the FOUR fresh cycles. There will be no refunds if your cycles do not result in cryopreservation
  • If the patient completes all possible fresh and frozen cycles and fails to reach 12 weeks
  • gestation the patient will receive a refund of 70%
  • If you wish to use the frozen embryos after the 24 month period from the start of the contract, standard costs for frozen embryo transfer monitoring will be incurred

Kathy McGoldrick is the Practice manager and can assist with financial questions and planning for IVF. She can be reached at 610-447-2949.