Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to some of the questions that we’ve commonly heard from our previous patients.

I committed to one of the packages but I changed my mind about treatment- what is your refund policy?

If you paid for one of the packages and you did not start any treatment, your payment will be refunded.

I chose the two IVF cycle package and started the treatment. Can I “downgrade” to a single package?

No. Once you committed to a particular package and your treatment started the “downgrade” option is not available.

I started my treatment, my ovaries are not responding at all and I would like to stop treatment what is the refund policy?

You will have a refund after we deduct fees (not discounted) for all services, procedures or treatments you obtained at the HAN Fertility Center.

If I didn’t get pregnant and I would like to use the frozen embryos that I have stored in your practice, for what expenses am I responsible?

If you will use the frozen embryos within 12 months from enrollment in package 2 or within 16 months from enrollment in package 3 then you will not be responsible for any payment (remember that storage is not free and you need to pay quarterly for it).

If you would like to use the frozen embryos after 12 or 16 months, (depending on the package you purchased) then you will be responsible for $2,850 frozen embryo transfer fee.

I got pregnant and have multiple frozen embryos – what are my options if I do not want to use them?

The answer to this question is addressed in the IVF consent forms. Before enrolling into one of these programs, you are required to provide us with choices regarding those particular conditions (such as what happens to the embryos if the female partner dies, the male partner dies, both partners die or both partners get divorced)

What is considered one IVF trial?

Any cycle that went through egg retrieval is considered one trial

What is considered completion of the program responsibilities?

If a fresh or frozen embryo transfer resulted in pregnancy beyond the 12th week of pregnancy (8 weeks after embryo transfer) then the responsibilities of the program (for either the two or the three IVF packages) have been fulfilled.

If I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks and I still have frozen embryos that I would like to use, what are my financial responsibilities?

Since the program responsibilities were accomplished, you will need to pay for a frozen embryo transfer cycle of $2850

What if I had oocyte retrieval and had to freeze my embryos because of ovarian hyperstimulation precautions?

That would count as one cycle trial and you would need to use the frozen embryos before the expiration of your contract.