Our Expertise - Crozer-Keystone Health System - PA

Our Expertise

For more that 20 years the mission of the HAN Fertility Center at Crozer has been straightforward: to assist patients in achieving successful outcomes by providing expert reproductive health care in an academic environment. With more than 7000 patients and 3000 births, the staff at the Fertility Center has established a lengthy history of dedicated, compassionate service. The Center offers an advanced, comprehensive approach to infertility management; an approach that allows us to achieve live birth rates consistently higher than the national average.

Our commitment to women’s health includes management of fibroids, chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and hormonal abnormalities.

The HAN Fertility Center empowers patients to be active participants in their own care. This unique approach to health care also includes providing regular community-based seminars and programs for patients and the general community.

With a history of excellence and a dedication to quality patient care, the Fertility Center has earned a strong reputation within the Delaware Valley amongst both the public and the medical community. Contact our receptionist at 610-447-2727 to experience this unique environment of patient care.

Our Staff

Of course you can be assured that through our long history our staff has maintained the highest level of training and continuing medical education to provide our patients with a quality of reproductive healthcare second to none! We offer you professionalism, caring and commitment throughout your journey with us. We truly believe in a sense of family. A sense of family that every member of our staff imparts to our patients, thereby, making the HAN Fertility Center a treatment choice for a truly unique environment to discover your future family.

Our Facilities

Our offices include a large, upscale waiting area, four state of the art exam rooms (with three dimensional ultrasonography), and private areas for patient education and also for billing consultations. Our IVF laboratory is a state of the art IVF facility. Investments were made to ensure that all structural components within the laboratory adhere to guidelines as being embryo–friendly. Everything from the ceiling to the countertops and flooring are all certified as embry–safe. Also, an IVF laboratory–specific air handler which truly provides the cleanest, most purified air to the certified clean space ensures that the embryos are grown in the purest of environments available.