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Crozer-Keystone Gastroenterology Associates - Havertown

Crozer-Keystone Gastroenterology Associates - Havertown
1010 West Chester Pike
Suite 202
Havertown, PA 19083

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Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Main: 610-619-7475
Fax: 610-619-7477

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Crozer-Keystone Gastroenterology Associates is one of the most advanced gastroenterology practices in the Delaware Valley. Our gastroenterologists are board-certified and widely experienced in the diagnosis, management and treatment of conditions affecting the gastrointestinal (GI) system and digestive tract.

Our physicians perform the following diagnostic tests and procedures: colonoscopy, endoscopy, upper and lower GI studies, swallowing studies, Endosocopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), endoscopic ultrasound and capsule endoscopy. Their compassionate and patient-focused approach is supported by a longstanding history of excellence in the care of upper and lower GI disorders.

Patients who wish to schedule a direct-access screening colonoscopy can call (610) 619-7475 or request an appointment online.

Direct-access Colonoscopy Appointments

It is very important to schedule a routine colonoscopy per your healthcare provider to allow for early detection of cancer when it is in a highly curable stage as well as early detection of growths (known as polyps) that could become cancerous.

To make this process as easy as possible for our patients, Crozer-Keystone Gastroenterology Associates offers direct access scheduling for colonoscopy screenings. This means that a separate consultation visit at the physician's office is not required.

For more information about direct access scheduling for colonoscopy screenings, please click on the following link.

Bowel Preparation Instructions

Crozer Gastroenterology Associates has specific instructions to help you to prepare and cleanse for your colonoscopy. Please see the links below for more information.

PM AM Prep

PM PM Prep

Preparation with MoviPrep

Preparation with OsmoPrep

Suprep bowel prep