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Healthplex Sports Club Tennis programs and events:

Tennis Programs 2014-15

Private Lessons

Click here for a full listing of our private lesson rates (2014-15)

For more information or to register contact the Service Desk at 610.328.8888

Tennis Court and Reservation Policies

Tennis Matchmaker Binder

In response to members’ requests we have put together a Tennis Matchmaker Binder. Our goal is to assist new and established members with finding compatible partners for match play. This binder will be located at the window outside the Tennis Lounge.

To add your name to the list, please complete the information form and return it to the Matchmaker Drop Box (also located at the window). This information will be posted in the Matchmaker Binder which will remain on the counter as you enter the tennis area of the club. The Matchmaker Binder will be updated on a weekly basis by Healthplex® Staff.

If you would like to take some names from the list, please use the information form to record a player’s information.

If you have questions about the Tennis Matchmaker, please contact me at the number listed below.

Thank you,

Dennis Mathias
General Manager

Healthplex Sports Club
phone - (610) 328-8892
email -

Upcoming Tennis Events


Click on the photos below to learn more about our Junior and Adult Tennis Programs for the 2014-15 season:

The year-round tennis program at Healthplex® Sports Club offers leagues and individualized instruction for adults and children, from beginners to experienced players. Our tennis professionals and staff are committed to providing members and guests with the personal attention they need to enhance their time on the courts. Our instructors are focused on challenging and motivating every level of player and helping everyone improve their game.

Contact the Service Desk at 610-328-8888 for court reservations, sign-up sheets for leagues, classes, registration, and fee information.

Junior Tennis Programs

Adult Tennis Programs

  • 10 Indoor Tennis Courts with Mondo surface (cushion court)
  • Ball machine rental
  • Beginner and intermediate clinics
  • Leagues
  • Women’s inter-club
  • Weekly tennis clinics
  • Private and semi-private lessons with a tennis pro


More information: 610-328-8888. Tennis Pro Picture Sheet.