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Published on December 29, 2015

How to Start a Fitness Resolution You can Stick With

Every New Year, you resolve to reach new personal health and fitness goals. Pledging to get fit, lose weight or increase you activity level are all great ways to improve your health while feeling good on the inside and out.

Unfortunately, most people don’t tend to maintain their resolutions throughout the year. In fact, most people give up on their resolutions within just a few months or weeks. If improving your fitness or starting an exercise regimen is a priority of yours in 2016, here are ways to help you can stick with your resolution.

Set Realistic Goals

If you’ve never been a runner or run in any type of race, don’t making a resolution to become a marathon runner by February. If running a marathon is a goal of yours, start with a smaller goal you can accomplish like running one mile in 10 minutes or less or running three or four miles. Once you reach that goal, you’ll be motivated and closer to reaching a new, more difficult goal.

The same rings true for weight loss. If you’re exercising in the New Year as a part of a weight loss plan, resolving to lose 25 pounds by February is not only a very lofty goal, but it can lead you to feel burned out and discouraged. Instead, resolve to lose a healthy one to two pounds per week.

If you want to exercise more frequently, don’t set your resolution to go to the gym or workout seven days a week, especially if exercise is new to you. Instead, start with three or four days a week.

Be Specific

Giving yourself a detailed guideline with specific times, dates and amounts will make you more likely to succeed. Resolving to lift more weight or work out more are very general resolutions. Instead, determine how much you more weight you want to be able to lift and in what time frame. If you want to work out more, pick specific dates and times you plan to go to the gym and stick to them.

Find Something You Enjoy

Trying to complete workouts you genuinely despise will make it difficult for you to maintain your New Year’s resolution. Finding a type of exercise you actually enjoy will help keep you motivated and make you want to do it.

Write It Down

Research has found that writing down a goal or resolution make you more likely to achieve it. Gain a clear understanding of what your resolution is by writing out the specifics and details of your new regimen and plan. Write out how many times you want to work out each week, which days you want to work out, what types of exercises you plan to do each day and what your goals are. Once you start working toward your New Year’s resolution, document your progress to gauge how it’s going and whether you’re heading in the direction of success.

Be Patient

It can be disappointing when you don’t see immediate success. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing something right – how long it takes to reach your goal depends on your age, consistency and past exercise or training history. The important thing to remember is to be patient – as long as you’re consistent, results will come. Plus, know that every workout you do is helping you improve your overall health.

Reward Yourself

If you’ve kept up with your new exercise regimen or guideline you developed, reward yourself. Treat yourself to new sneakers or a dinner out. Acknowledging that you’ve done a good job will make you feel good and motivate you to keep maintaining your fitness resolution.

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