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All of our manuicures add to the health of your nails. We begin with filing, buffing and soaking the cuticle with custom cutical care, followed by a hand massage and a hot towel wrap. Lastly, a buff shine or polish of choice is applied. The spa manicure includes all of the above, plus an exfoliating technique to leave the nails fresh and the hands in a youthful state. 

*New* to the Spa at the Healthplex: Hot Stone Pedicures 

  • Manicure $18
  • French Manicure $22
  • French Spa Manicure $32
  • Spa Manicure $28 (7 step process)
  • Buff out/Polish Change $16
  • Full set of Acrylics $48
  • Forever French Acrylic Full Set $58
  • Acrylic Fill $28
  • Acrylic French Fill $36
  • Gel Fill $30
  • Gel French Fill $38
  • Removal of Acrylic/Gel $45 w/manicure, $25 removal
  • Gel Set $50
  • Forever French Gel Set $60
  • Axxium soak off gel polish $30
  • Axxium soak off gel polish french $36
  • Nail Repair $5


All of our pedicures at the Spa add to the health of your feet. We begin with a luxurious soak in our state-of-the-art pedicure tubs. Filing, buffing, and custom cuticle care of the toenails, an exfoliating scrub and callous care are followed by a generous foot massage. A buff shine or polish of choice is then applied. The pedicure includes all of the above plus an intense exfoliating scrub technique and foot massage, followed with a foot masque and hot towel wrap.

Regular Pedicure

Spa Pedicure
$48 (7 step process)

French Pedicure

French Spa Pedicure

Add-on Services
Hand/foot paraffin treatment