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Barre Exercise and Group Fitness

Healthplex Barre classes include an exciting regime of ballet and Pilates along with strength and flexibility training using the ballet barre.

Exercises are intense and repetitive, with small isometric movements, working on the small accessory muscles as well as large muscle groups. There is emphasis on lengthening while strengthening so you are always working toward a longer, leaner dancer physique.

What is Barre?

To Your Health: Meet at the Barre

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Barre is a stationary handrail that is used during ballet warm up exercises. The term also refers to the exercises that are performed at the barre, as well as that part of a ballet class that incorporates barre exercises.

Barre classes combine bodyweight and lightweight exercises with a ballet bar to put participants through a toning, total-body workout. These types of classes are continuing to grow in popularity and the Healthplex has a dedicated a barre studio offering a variety of levels:

  • Barre Classic - a foundations level
  • Lean Barre - intermediate level
  • Extreme Barre - advanced level

Class Schedule

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For more information, please contact us at 610-328-8888.

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Classes and Court Schedules

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Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer Training at the Healthplex

Pilates Reformer classes at the Healthplex offer tremendous increases in muscle strength, joint mobility, flexibility, and muscle balance.

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